When running a pub, you must implement effective marketing strategies to increase your customer base and be ahead of your competitors.

Sometimes, pubs experience slow progress during the middle of the week because of the midweek “decline.” How can you turn the tables around? 

You can use a reliable QR code generator online to make QR codes with multiple uses. This will give your patrons more options for having fun at your pub.

More than one billion smartphones will have built-in QR code scanning capabilities by 2022. This number only makes it wise for any business to take advantage of QR codes.

This technology is perfect for pubs and other businesses in the hospitality industry, such as cafes and restaurants. How exactly can pubs make use of QR codes? Check out the following examples:

Hook customers with promos 

Organizing promos with freebies and prizes is an excellent way to increase business. 

You can host a cocktail-making competition where bartenders create signature drinks, and the customers get to decide the winner. The winning drink is then sold at 15% off for a limited time.

To promote this offer, you can let customers scan your QR code with a call to action that says, ‘scan to claim coupon.’

You can also link a URL QR code to a page that details other promos and special offers you’re currently running.

Provide a QR code menu

Switching to a QR code menu saves you money since you can cut printing costs and time spent updating menus.

The convenience of digital menus makes it possible to showcase images of each dish and provide expanded descriptions. Customers can also choose various service options.

For instance, you can include in the description that the dish contains an ingredient that some customers may be allergic to, like milk, eggs, and peanuts.

What’s great about this QR code is it’s not merely limited to onsite applications. You can use the QR code to place an order for delivery or look up information for a future visit.

You can improve ordering for takeout or delivery by quicker navigation to specific items via menu search.

This can save diners from the trouble of paging through a lengthy menu to track down the dish they want.

Offer multilingual menus

If you own a bar frequented by foreigners, they will insist on having a menu written in their language. 

You can provide convenience to them by creating a multi-URL QR code that will take your customers to a copy of the menu in their native tongue.

Wondering how it works? The QR code contains several links to landing pages in different languages. When a user scans the code, it detects the language used by their device.

Increase social media followers

You can encourage your patrons to tag your page in their posts. This way, you can reach a bigger audience and gain potential customers without spending a single dime on ads.

To make things more exciting, you can then announce that you’ll select one winning Facebook post per week. The customer who posted it will then receive special prizes.

You can then promote your social handles using a social media QR code. It will take the scanner to a landing page with all your social media accounts, making it simple for them to access and follow your pages.

Attract more customers using QR code menus

As businesses find new ways to create a unique experience for their clientele, they can consider using QR code technology.

QR codes for placing orders, making payments, and soliciting feedback will become helpful in guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
Create a contactless, scannable menu with the help of the best QR code generator with logo software. Improve the safety of your pub and make your customers feel more at ease.