There’s nothing you like more than hitting the wide open spaces to enjoy outdoor activities close to nature. You don’t mind “roughing it” a bit, but you’re also smart enough to know that a few little extras can make your life a whole lot easier. You still get away from it all without taking it all with you, but traveling light doesn’t necessarily mean you have to struggle with every little thing. Do you have these accessories to make your outdoor living experience easier? Check it out!

1. An Electric Trailer Jack

Tired of lifting your loaded trailer when it’s time to hitch it up? An electric trailer jack runs off a battery in the trailer, and easily lifts or lowers your trailer when you’re hooking or unhooking it. While there may be willing hands to help you, this useful gadget means they can relax – or you can go solo without having to worry about how you’ll manage your trailer hook up.

2. Cast-Iron Cookware For Gourmet BBQs

There’s nothing as nice on a fresh morning as a full fry-up breakfast cooked on a cast iron skillet over an open fire. A slow-cooked stew prepared in a cast iron pot on the coals varies your dinner meals and is great for cooking meat down to melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. You can even bake bread in a good cast-iron pot. While these are fairly heavy items and not great for long-distance hikes, they’re perfect for chilling out at the campsite.

3. Emergency Communication Gear

Your mobile phone may not have any signal when you’re out in the wilderness, so things could get rough in an emergency, even if you’re using the buddy system. If you’re on your own, you could be in serious trouble if you can’t call for help fast. Look out for compact emergency communication gear that will send your location out to your backup team. Use it to show you’ve reached specific points on your route safely, or send out an SOS if you need help.

4. A Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Take the sweat out of inflating a comfy sleeping pad even when you’re far off the beaten track and nowhere near your vehicle. Inflatable sleeping pads are well-insulated and compact and a self-inflating version does all the work for you. Wake up feeling rested and ready for anything. It’s little luxuries like this that will gain you points as a clever camper and make you the envy of your less-comfy friends.

5. A Compact Water Purifier

Carrying a lot of water on a hike adds weight to your pack. And even the cleanest mountain stream could contain “fauna” you really don’t want in your tummy. Play it safe with a water purifying water bottle that allows you to top up from almost any source on the go. Make sure that it zaps bacteria, viruses, and fungi the chemical-free way.

Match Your Gear to Your Adventures

The spirit of adventure leads different people into widely different places, and whatever your favorite form of outdoor adventure, there’s sure to be both high and low tech to help you. Since you don’t want to pack the metaphorical kitchen sink, be picky about what you buy and what you take along. Convenience, health, and safety considerations are key to your choices, so think it through and decide what you’re most likely to use and enjoy.