With the right point of sale system, your gift shop can take efficiency to the next level by increasing productivity and reducing mistakes, freeing up more time to focus on your customers’ needs. Whether you’re looking to reduce wait times, ensure accuracy in check-out and sales, or streamline purchasing and inventory tracking, these five reasons why your gift shop needs a POS system will show you how it could be the key to taking your business from good to great.

1) Improve Customer Experience

You may not think that having a pos systems for retail for your gift shop will be important to have, but there are many different reasons why it should be one of your top priorities. With just one tool like this, you can take care of everything from the initial customer experience all the way through delivery and returns. Acting like a retail inventory management, it will give customers an improved shopping experience and make it easier for you to keep track of inventory and sales numbers. 

2) Grow Sales

Installment sales should be at the top of every small business owner’s list. The sooner they can offer installments to their customers, the faster they can cash in on their products. But how do you entice your customer when you don’t have any way of offering it? That’s where installing a POS system for your gift shop comes into play. It makes installment easy and adds that much more value to the product by being able to offer it right away.

3) Reduce Fraud

Card fraud is on the rise, which can be especially problematic for small businesses that deal in cash transactions. When you have to call your bank and wait 24-48 hours before they can issue a new card because of fraud, it doesn’t just impact you financially – it impacts your business. Trying to run the shop while juggling customer service calls, theft issues and bank fraud will leave you stressed out and less likely to give great customer service.

4) Retain Customers and Maximize Word of Mouth

As one of the busiest times of the year, retailers need to make sure they’re ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By investing in a gift shop software, they can not only track how much money their stores are making, but also how many people are stopping in and what items are popular. This information is extremely valuable when it comes time to spend marketing dollars.

5) Control Expenses

Gift shops can have expensive margins. Customers walk in with unrealistic expectations about the retail price and customers often question every expense. Retailers feel under constant pressure to lower prices, which increases their cost of goods, as well as puts them at risk for shrinkage. Unfortunately, this means that gift shops need a lot more security than traditional retailers.

If your gift shop needs more customer engagement and is having trouble operating without technology, it may be time to invest in a POS system that is reliable and easy to use. Try Hana Retail as your gift shop pos system.