An average student will write tens of papers each semester. Such a workload could leave you glued to the library chair for the entire semester and all your college years. Despite such a stressful way to spend your youthful years, you are not guaranteed the best grades. 

Technology has made school work easier. Writing apps reduce the time it takes to complete essays. It also improves your accuracy, boosting your grades in the process. There are numerous tools you can use for different paper writing exercises. Here are some of the best tools to give you a blissful paper writing experience. 

  1. Evernote 

Evernote is a cloud storage app. It allows you to organize your database and carry all the reference materials you need to write your paper. You can get your paper from writing services online, store it on Evernote, and access it wherever you go. 

Evernote accommodates such file types as images, audio, links, and text-based documents. You can access and update the documents on any device, eliminating the need to operate multiple devices. Evernote provides free storage for limited space. Additional space is reasonably priced. 

Each student should have a database containing the most crucial reference materials. Evernote helps you to build such a database with folders for each assignment. You can search and extract files using a keyword. It is the best database-building app for any college student. 

  1. RefMe

The accuracy of references and citations on any academic paper can never be overlooked. RefMe helps you to capture the details of every book, article, journal, or reference material you have used in your paper. You will then present them accurately in your paper, boosting your grades. 

RefMe is an online platform that is accessible anywhere and at any time. Once you enter the details of the books or reference materials used, you can change the formatting style and generate different citations. RefMe is free yet offers one of the most important homework help points in academic writing. 

  1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a language app. It ensures that your essay is grammatically correct so that your ideas can be clear and interesting to read. Grammarly can be used as an online platform, app, or add-on. It is free for basic features. These features are sufficient to enable you to produce a captivating essay on any topic. 

Grammarly will highlight spelling mistakes on your paper. It also captures repeated words and punctuation errors. Grammarly can also be used to eliminate plagiarism from your paper. It is one of the most helpful writing apps for college and business. 

  1. MyHomework Student Planner 

Time management and deadlines are crucial in academic writing. MyHomework Student Planner helps you to keep track of assignments and, especially, monitor deadlines. Once an assignment is issued, you will enter the details on MyHomework Student Planner. You can set milestones to avoid rushing at the last minute. It also comes with alarms and alerts that will help you to keep track of progress. 

  1. Jasper 

Jasper is the latest AI writing app. It extracts and generates sentences based on the keywords provided. You do not have to do the actual writing or even dictate to the app using audio input. 

Jasper takes instructions like an outline. Based on the subtitle and keywords entered, it will generate a paragraph similar to what you would write. If you run out of ideas, it will help you to populate your paper. It is one of the most advanced writing tools for college students. 

Writing tools save time while assisting you to produce the most compelling essays. Choose different tools for each writing stage. Use trial versions and free features before investing in a writing tool to guarantee value for money.