While large multinational and established corporations dominate many industries, having small businesses take up a portion of the market is as necessary. This allows more people to take advantage of all the opportunities that come with these smaller enterprises. They provide more jobs to residents, foster local economies, and enable the city hall to generate taxes sourced in neighborhoods. 

As a city or town resident, you can participate in this local initiative by supporting local businesses. Stand with these small brands as they make a name for themselves and give overall recognition to your origin as they start to grow, expand, and become a popular enterprise in the future. Supporting a small business can significantly impact your community.

If you’re thinking of ways to support local businesses, you can consider the following suggestions: 

  1. Support Local Business’s Cause   

Some local businesses partake in corporate social responsibility programs that help people within the city or town. One way for you to support them is to support their cause. They can generate income through different means. For instance, you can donate or raise funds by visiting their local websites, such as FPG’s fundraising page, to give support to their generous practice. 

Aside from donation and fundraising initiatives, another great way to support these local businesses’ causes is to partake in their events. You can directly contact them through their Contact Us page and inquire whether they need a volunteer or some extra hands to fulfill fundraising tasks. In doing so, you’re not only helping small businesses practice their corporate social responsibility, but you can also help out the recipients of such programs. This is an effective way to make an impact in your local community. 

  1. Patronize Local Brands  

A surefire way to support local businesses is to shop or purchase directly from them. Take a pause from your favorite international brands and start browsing local stores. Whether you purchase online or in physical stores, you’ll be able to explore great quality products from local brands. Small businesses in your area now offer online shopping, so you can have your goods delivered to your front door in no time. 

Whether you want a coffee bean subscription or have groceries delivered to your home, local businesses offer such services. No matter what product or item you want purchase, make sure you choose a local variety first before proceeding to search from other cities. You’re not only supporting local businesses around you, but you are saving on transportation fees and delivery time because they’re sourced locally. The ultimate bonus is receiving the products in fresh condition, especially if you’re ordering food, fruits, and veggies.   

As you make sales for the local stores, you also increase the tax income potential for your local city hall. They can have funds to implement local projects, which can then impact your city or town. This is a winning situation that benefits everyone. 

  1. Advertise Your Favorite Local Brand To Your Peers Through Social Media  

Word-of-mouth will always be an effective marketing strategy to help a product gain popularity. However, another way for you to help local businesses is to advertise them on your social accounts. Whatever platform you choose, you can create content that features a local business product or service, and your friends, family, and colleagues can easily view and learn more about them.  

You can leverage their benefits and costs and explain why it’s a better alternative than other products or brands. Educate your followers on ways they can support it, such as buying gift cards or visiting their websites. You can also record videos while you unbox your purchase from local brands, and you can entice your social media peers to purchase from the same brand.  

  1. Purchase Gift Cards  

Gift cards are great marketing strategies often used by many companies worldwide. It is an excellent way to support local businesses as well. You can find out if they offer gift cards by visiting their websites.  

Instead of buying a gift for someone from their favorite shop or brand, you can purchase gift cards from a local store instead. It will allow the card recipient to head to this local store and purchase something from them. You can make your loved one happy through your gift card and help improve sales for the local brand through gift card sales.    

  1. Leave Online Reviews  

If you don’t want to go through the hassles of supporting local shops, the easiest way is to simply leave an online review. Taking a few minutes to write honest, positive feedback could greatly benefit the business and attract more customers. By leaving a review for a restaurant, cafe, or beauty salon, you will let others know what a good experience it was. People who can read your review and see your photos will soon discover what you recommend and try it themselves.  


Small businesses can thrive and grow through the help of people who can promote them effectively, like you. Imagine how important small businesses are when providing local jobs and generating taxes for your local government. Applying the tips above allows you to support local stores in diverse and easy ways.