How much do you devote to considering the goal of your marketing initiatives? Of course, your ultimate goal is to increase sales. 

But, do you know how you can increase your sales?

People today have far higher expectations of brands, and it is up to you to deliver if you want to reach your ultimate business goals. People these days, in particular, want to feel a connection to the businesses with which they go shopping. According to a recent study,64% of customers want brands to engage with them. 

Fortunately, today, marketers have many alternatives for communicating with their audience, one of which is WordPress push notifications.

There are several campaign options available, providing you with numerous ways to connect with and engage your target audience.

In this blog, we will look at how to use push notifications to generate leads and deliver value to customers.

So, let’s begin.

Before jumping to the effective ways of using push notifications to generate leads, it is important to discuss push notifications briefly.

What Push Notifications Are

Well, push notifications are brief pop-up messages that are delivered to users’ browsers that include crucial information, news, or offers. They are used to persuading customers and prospects to do a specific action.

Push notifications, by nature, are short-lived notifications. That’s why these notifications are only engaging and effective as a marketing strategy if they are personal, relevant, and most importantly, deliver value to your customers.

5 Ways To Use Push Notifications To Generate Leads And Deliver Value To Customers

Now, you know what push notifications are. Let’s talk about 5 effective ways of using push notifications for generating leads and delivering value to your customers.

1. Segment

Segmentation is the key to increasing lead generation with push notifications. When a user subscribes to your push notifications, you may not be aware of the subscriber’s level of interest. If you send a form fill notification now, the chances of low engagement are considerable.

Begin by analyzing the user activity to boost the form fill rate. You are aware of the key points on your website. If the user acts on such points, it displays the subscriber’s level of interest. You can segment such subscribers using push notifications.

2. Incorporate Emojis

Adding emojis to your push notifications can improve user experience and engagement. According to research, some emoticons can enhance the open rate of your notifications.

To drive the meaning of your notifications, you may either swap a suitable emoji instead of a word or insert some relevant photos in front or back of the push notifications.

3. Form Abandonment 

One of the main issues generating lead generation is form abandonment. The subscribers complete the first section but then abandon the form. This is quite common.

You may simply get those lost leads by using push notifications. Create a Woocommerce push notification form abandonment campaign.

When a user does not complete the lead form, the form abandonment campaign is instantly activated. It will begin giving WooCommerce push notifications. Form abandonment allows you to selectively target the customers who have abandoned the form.

4. Inform Customers Of Price Drops

Notify your users when the price of their favorite item, item in the cart, or most frequently purchased item changes. This will attract their initial attention, and with the right message, there is a good possibility they will open the message.

For example, a flight push notification alerts users of a specific price drop and says how much it has dropped, saving the work of calculating.

5. Spark Interest For Product Updates

Customers open WordPress notifications for a variety of reasons., including curiosity. As a result, you can provide them with interesting news to enhance open rates.

To illustrate it, you could say “ Did you see our new summer dress collection?”You will draw all the attention without sacrificing your comfort.

In this manner, you may generate excitement and make customers believe that they will be kept up to speed on product and collection updates.

Closing Note

So, these are the five unique ways through which you can use WordPress push notifications to generate leads and deliver value to your customers. To create push notifications in Woocommerce and WordPress environments, start using WonderPush because Wonderpush makes it easy to send and receive push notifications.