You’ve probably seen signs for fire hydrants all over, but unless you needed it in the moment, you might not have given them much thought. When it comes to ensuring that people are safe in a fire, fire hydrants are essential, which is why they must be routinely maintained, kept in excellent functioning order, and why fire hydrant in qld should be maintained in ideal order..

1. Missing, Damaged Or Covered Fire Hydrant Marker Plates

In most cases, hydrant marker plates are mounted to a wall, lamp post, or short concrete post. They are rectangular yellow signs with a large black H and two numbers. The size of the water main and an approximation of the distance between the plate and the hydrant are shown by the two numbers on the scale.

Along with marking plates, all hydrants are visible on the computerised maps on fire engines, allowing firemen to find the closest en route to an incident. This factor also implies that even if marker plates are damaged or missing, the fire service will typically still be able to locate them, and if reported, they will be fixed as soon as possible.

Residents can assist by trimming any shrubs or plants obscuring the hydrant indicator post if the marker plate is covered by overgrown grass or vegetation.

2. Leaks From Fire Hydrants

Even leaks on the surface are frequently not reported because individuals assume someone else will have previously reported a problem. Most leaks are underground and invisible. If firefighters utilise a fire hydrant, it will be less effective due to leaks influencing the water flow and pressure. Please notify fire experts of any leaks as soon as you become aware.

3. Dangerous Or Cracked Hydrant Covers And Frames

A fire hydrant exposed to the elements when its cover is missing or fractured, runs the risk of freezing and clogging with silt or mud. This factor may prevent it from functioning when firefighters need it. Privately owned hydrants need to be maintained and kept in good working condition. Get in touch with experts to perform testing, maintenance and repairs regularly.

4. Leaks From Water Supply Pipes or Mains

Water supply leaks from pipelines or mains are the water company’s responsibility, but they may reduce the amount of water available at a fire hydrant. Leaks should be notified to the water company as soon as possible to address the issue quickly.

5. Physical Obstruction

According to the Fire and Rescue Services Act of 2004, it is an offence to prevent access to fire hydrants when it is required to be utilised for firefighting. Parking for a short time, if it happens repeatedly, would be reported to the Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service. Parking the vehicle more than one metre away from a fire hydrant or indicator is essential, if possible. As mentioned, obstruction is against the law, and it takes crucial time for firefighters to manoeuvre around your automobile, leading to severe penalties. Still, you don’t want to be the victim; you must be careful where you park your car. *Obstructing a fire hydrant in QLD carries a penalty of 1.5 penalty units (PU) wherein each penalty point is worth $143.75!

6. Vandalism

Because fire hydrant systems must be easily accessible, they are placed in open spaces, making them vulnerable to vandalism. Vandalism that interferes with hydrant or booster functionality can put lives in peril. This factor includes everything from graffiti on the hydrant indicator markings to intentional damage done to the hydrant.


Have you seen a problem with the fire hydrant set up outside your building? As soon as possible, bring the hydrant to your building maintenance manager’s or the appropriate authority’s notice.

Fire safety is essential for every place, but so is regular maintenance of the tools like the fire hydrant. Check out things you can rely on in case of emergency. So make sure your fire hydrant is protected from all those common issues. Contact fire specialists with years of practical experience in installing, testing or maintaining fire hydrant qld. Keep contacts handy for resolving problems regularly.


*Brisbane City Council (Updated: July 2022)