7 Luxe Very Lighting Designs: Very is definitely an evergreen design element in the realm of decor and will be symbolic of luxury and opulence no matter the number of trends appear and disappear. Now, getting hold of very decor could be a tiresome task in India since most manufacturers have a tendency to sell acrylic lighting pieces labelled as very lights. But it’s not necessary to worry about it out, because we provide the finest assortment of very lights from home of The White-colored Teak.

Precision cut crystals should sweep you off your ft and something take a look at any one of our pieces, you’ll instantly discover why it needs to be incorporated in your living area.

Now, sit tight and feast your vision once we guide you through probably the most deluxe and lush very lights in the White-colored Teak Company…

Chandelier – Secrets of the dominion – A real embodiment of grandeur, this is among our bestselling pieces in the exclusive Very Collection. Elegant beaten gold surrounding a cascade of crystals, nothing will get as grand because this.

Ceiling light – Exactly what a Treat – Many very lights possess a conventional design for this reason we created something similar to this. Two Brought posts inside a matte white-colored finish, water drop crystals suspended from fibreglass diffusers is really a treat for your eyes.

Designer fan – Decadent Diva – Fans with chandeliers happen to be a fad for quite a while now which piece here’s an attention grabber. Glossy gray finish around the base, mahogany finish around the blades as well as an elegant dome of crystals suspended in the rotor is really a beautiful sight to determine also it accentuates the aura of your living area too.

Wall light – Enchanted – As suggested by its name, this beauty leaves a powerful impression on anyone who will get a peek at it. A matte black base, amber-tinted glass and crystals suspended from the inside, that one is really a true beauty.

Table lamp – Relentless – Lamps are mainly designed to decorate your very personal spaces and Relentless is the greatest addition you may make for your decor. This table lamp is really a true beauty to behold as it arrives with basics entirely embellished with crystals.

Lamp – Moonlight Glare – This piece is really a fusion between your modern and also the vintage, which is the complete embodiment of luxury. A wide open globe houses the lights and shimmering crystals and also the piece is completed served by antique rust hue.

  1. Pendant light – Sophistication – Perfection at its best, this beauty has a good mixture of chrome and crystals. A chrome finished lampshade houses shimmering crystals to provide your living area that ultimate stroke of elegance.