With over 2 billion active users worldwide, Instagram is used as a marketing tool by promoters. Instagram provides a platform to market a product visually where the audience can feel the impact. Instagram stories that disappear in just 24 hours give influencers and business owners to experiment with their promotions. You can also highlight the important stories in your profile for later viewing by your audiences.

Jonathonspire.com suggests that the easiest way to increase engagement to a post or an account is by posting Instagram stories regularly. crease engagement to a post or an account is by posting Instagram stories regularly. Audiences tend to engage more quickly with stories compared to posts. As a result, many influencers and business owners buy instagram story views to reach their potential audience. Here are 9 Instagram story ideas for you to use to boost your follower count.

Question And Answering Session

The Instagram story has a feature that allows you to ask questions or even answer questions using its tab feature. All you have to do is click on that tab and type anything that will let your audience engage with you. Usually, influencers and brands allow their audiences to ask questions about themselves or a product. By using Instagram stories now, your audience can go closer to you or your product in hand. Many influencers do question and answer sessions once in a while to engage and clear doubts of their audiences.

Ask Opinions

In the same tab, you can also ask for suggestions and opinions from your audiences. You could also maintain a meet-and-greet situation where you grow close to your community. Include your audience in your content by asking them what they would like for you to do next. These opinions will let you understand who mainly consists of your audience and determine your target audience. As you know, your audiences are your best supporters, and their views will significantly help you.

Polls And Quizzes

Instagram stories let your audience, and you communicate well with each other through polls and quizzes. One easy way to understand the likes and dislikes of your audiences is through polls. Ask your audience questions and give them two to three options. Find what the average amount of your audience thinks is more desirable compared to the other options. You can also use the quiz option to ask them multiple choice questions. The quiz can also be like a game where a bunch of followers’ answers are correct, and you do something for them.

Share Location

Sharing location is also possible in Instagram stories and might attract users from the feed to engage with your story. You can also combine asking opinions while sharing the site. For example, share the location you are currently in and ask them about the best places to visit. Using the location feature, you can attract an audience in the same place to interact with your story. For example, businesses and companies in particular regions share locations in their story to attract local customers.

Share A Quote

These quotes may be written by a famous person who inspires you or yourself. Everyone loves to read fun, upbeat, inspiring, and relatable quotes. You never know who is going through an Instagram story having a bad day. Make sure to share quotes that connect you with your audiences. In addition, you can also try to inspire them with your words if they are having a bad day.


Many businesses and brands use countdowns to mark their launch or new promotion/sale going to happen eventually. These stories excite your audiences, and they share them with their friends and family. It would be best if you get assistance from Trollishly to reach more audiences in a short time. For example, many influencers on Instagram use Countdowns in their story for giveaways or revealing secrets. Countdowns keep your audience engaged with your account increasing profile visibility.

Share Your New Posts

As you already know, audiences tend to interact with your story faster than your posts and reels. So, to increase your new post engagement, share it on Instagram and ask your audience to engage with it. By doing so, you are letting your audience know about your new content instantly. Sharing your posts and blogs in Instagram stories is a way you self-promote your content.

Feature Other Accounts

Influencers and brands promote one another to develop a community where they can target audiences for themselves. Small and big influencers cross-promote one another as a way to grow together. For example, you can expose business accounts to your audience whose product you liked and want your audience to try. In addition, you can collaborate with these brands and increase the brand’s credibility among your audiences.

Celebrate Your Wins

Always share and thank your audience for every big and small achievement you have made. Then, screenshot the achievement, and share your joy with your audience. You can also make reaction clips on how you are feeling about your achievement and share it in a story. By doing so, you can see your improvement and identify your long-time supporters. At the same time, your audience can also specify your goal moving forward.

Final Thoughts

These are some ways you can interact with your audience through Instagram stories. You can also share other stories about your day or your pet on Instagram. Instagram stories give you the ability to post more than ten stories on a single day.