With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, there is no reason thousands of people wouldn’t benefit from working in the field. With more than 30 states legalizing either or both medical and recreational use, there has been a crop up of businesses and enterprises all over the country. 

Regarding the marijuana industry, numerous niches are available to entrepreneurial minds. For instance, dispensaries in LA are all hype about the efficiency of providing safe weed. These dispensaries and businesses need employees to work at different levels of their operations. 

What Careers are Available

Jobs in the marijuana industry are in plenty of supply. To understand the range of job opportunities, you must understand the legalization’s impact. As mentioned in thirty states, marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes. In 11 of those states, the recreational use of the same has also been legalized.

Despite the federal ban, the implication of these legalizations is the establishment of enterprises to cater to the marijuana needs of the people. From weed growing to process and distribution, a range of marijuana industry jobs is in the process of creation. People will be needed to fill these positions. 

Currently, the industry offers jobs to approximately 243,700 people. Statistical projections show that by 2023 the number will rise to over 475,000 people. That is a whole lot of jobs for a lot of Americans. 

The beauty of cannabis industry careers is that you can have as much involvement with the weed plants as you want. While some prefer handling the plants, others are content with the association and supporting the industry. Here are the main distinctions of jobs with the proximity to the plant in mind;

  1. Jobs with Direct Weed Contact

With the increased demand for weed products, positions involving the growth and processing of the plant are one the lucrative niches. These jobs place you in the weed-handling arena. They vary from growing the actual plant to designing different breeds. 

Varying levels of professionalism are needed for these jobs. The most common positions that are in need include:

  • Experienced grower
  • Master THC/CBD extractor
  • Weed control inspector
  • Experienced budtender
  • Courier
  • Chef for making edibles
  • Dispensary attendant

These integral roles offer workers a close enough working range with the plant. On application, there are specific requirements for each position. For instance, a grower will require the necessary certifications for their job, while a dispensary attendant may require less documentation. The overall requirement is an awareness of weed in its various forms.

  1. Jobs that Support the Legal Weed Business

There are several positions to fill for those who would only want to support the industry without being in contact with the plant. Since the weed business has been legalized, there is a need for many supportive roles to ensure the business side is well catered to. 

Different operations and the general running of the businesses falls on employees with supportive roles. Their importance to the industry is as great as those in contact with the plant. These are some of the supporting positions:

  • Human Resource Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Writers
  • Market Agents
  • Software Developers
  • Security Guards

How to Start your Marijuana Career

The first critical step to starting your weed career is interest. Whether your interest is in maximizing the monetary benefits of the niche or helping the industry establish itself, the bottom line is you need interest. 

With interest, you will be able to research the market and learn the necessary information about marijuana and its by-products. For some companies, you will need a marijuana worker’s license. This is documentation that allows you to work in a marijuana business. 

Some companies do not require the same. It is essential to research the companies available and their various job positions. That way, you can curate your specific skills and experiences to a job they are offering. Also, different companies offer different benefits. There is no harm in going for the very best benefits.

When it comes to applying for the position of your choice, it is essential to present yourself as a professional. Regardless of your passion for the plant as a user, it would help if you made a professional impact on the interviewers. Since the business is a legal establishment, they require professionals to make their business a success. 

All the Best in Your Research and Applications

The legal marijuana business boom needs employees to work at various positions of their enterprises. Numerous dispensaries have been cropping up all over the states where the use of weed is legal. These enterprises are multi-functional, meaning they have numerous functions under one roof. There is the growth of the weed, the processing of the weed, the distribution, the business mumbo jumbo, and more. 

Specialists and skilled professionals are needed for each position to ensure that the business and production sides are in sync. The prospects are favorable for individuals switching careers to the marijuana industry. All they need is to put their research skills on and find a weed business on the hire. They’re in plenty of supply.