Most social media platforms upgrade their live stream video to compete with their competitors, and TikTok is also following the same strategy. It has launched new features for live streams, and the app added picture-in-picture, go live with another person, Q&A sessions, and more. Nowadays, the count of broadcasting and watching Livestream increases because of advanced technology. The main focus of introducing new features is engaging users, and if you want to get a decent fanbase, you can buy likes and views. Because it helps to grow the audience organically, you must know how to buy TikTok views and likes? Go for some trusted sites that offer them at reasonable prices. While the application has provided a live recording feature for creators’ flexibility, it also released new features for making live stream videos. In addition, these features help to maximize the potential users and compete with Instagram and Facebook.

  • Are you using TikTok for business and want to know new features present to take live stream? 

Check out this article, and here we are going to break down new features launched on this platform for creating live streams. When you want to use new features, you come to the correct place to learn about live streaming and features. So let’s start to know these features to connect better with the target audience through the live streams.

Who Can Access The Live Streaming Feature On TikTok?

Almost billions of people use live videos on social media platforms, and this video streaming industry has a 99% boom every year. According to a study, the industry will earn $ 184.27 billion by 2027. Live streaming is not accessible to everyone, and to access the capabilities of go on live, you must reach the following criteria:

  • You could access it if you crossed the age of 16 
  • Users with more than 100,000 followers can do a live stream
  • More than 5,000 followers can video stream with guests
  • Creators who attained the 18 will receive virtual gifts from users watching live. 


When you watch your favorite TikTok video a few months before, you can’t do other activities on your phone. Recently, this platform has solved this problem by introducing the picture in picture feature. It allows users to leave the application without interrupting the live stream. Is there any viability to opening multiple windows while watching live streams on this platform? Yes, users can view different content simultaneously, and this feature allows users to multitask. With this smart move, you can level up user experience and engagement.

Q&A Overly On The Screen

Questions and answers are essential for any social media platform because viewers will directly connect to the creators. For creator flexibility, this platform formalizes the process of identifying and answering interesting questions. Only selected creators have opted to use this feature, and it works for both video and live streams. Usually, after posting the video, creators will post separate videos to answer audience questions. Q&A buttons are available on an audience profile, and they can ask questions and wait for the influencer’s response. Their question get listed in the influencer’s queue space, this simplifies their work, and they can respond to the audience instead of reading too many comments. How to enable the Q&A feature for your live stream TikTok video? To learn this, open your TikTok application and follow the below steps.

  • Go to your favorite creator profile.
  • Tap on” Q&A”
  • Enable Q&A

If you do not see the Q&A section, you most probably may not update your application or may not reach the desired followers. Therefore, update your application and start your live stream or buy views and likes to get more followers.

Go Live With Another Person

On TikTok, you can invite up to 20 moderators on the live stream rather than broadcasting your lives. If you conduct a live business stream, you can use this feature to expand your brand visibility. In addition, co-hosting with a similar niche creator permits you to invite the audience and participate in the live stream. Do you want to know how to go live streaming with more people?

  • Head back to TikTok
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon.
  • Tap on the live button under the record button
  • If you click on the live button, you can notice circular blue and a pinkish icon on the left side of your bottom screen. 
  • You can choose the co-host from the listed individuals who have watched or requested your live streaming.
  • Even users can join with others’ live streams and click on the two-smiley icon near the comment box. It will forward a request to the creator and encourage them to participate in the broadcast.
  • You can connect them via the Livestream with the creator or host if they accept your request. Both of you will receive a notification about your live presence.

Final Verdict

Live streaming is an excellent way to interact with your targeted audience and group of community who want to use your brand. Users can easily access the best videos and go on live with their favorite creators. Creators who frequently go to live make use of Q&A sessions to improve their promotion and using this platform to market your business on TikTok help to compete with other video streaming platforms. Additionally, this platform helps make money through the live stream, and you can choose this platform as a career path.