Madhouse! Although a manga based on the viewpoint of Kobuchizawa House was published, there are no original novels or manga.

It was not unexpected because the “No Game No Life” team was involved in production. However, it was one of the highlights of the 2018 winter animation, which was a series of huge hits and is still very popular.

The summary is story of four teenage girls aiming to Antarctica”. However, it isn’t a realistic story. Information about Antarctica was provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology. It is a meticulously planned journey.

It has received high praise not only in Japan, but also abroad. In the category of overseas programs, it was selected among the 10 most popular TV programs (NY Times).

Fans are clamoring for a sequel to TV animation’s second season and the movie version.

Although no information has been released about a sequel production, this article examines the possibility that “A Place Further Than the Universe”, a movie, could be made in the second season.

When will the broadcast date for a sequel be announced? We will also keep you updated on the latest information, such as the number of volumes of manga that have been published. Please enjoy the video until the end.

Is there a Season 2?

The first thing you should check when looking at the potential of TV animation or movie production for “A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2”, is the sales of discs like Blu-ray and DVD.

The average disc sales will reach 4,000 to 5, 000, which is the point at which the animation production committee will be in the red. It is also when there will be more opportunities for sequel production.

Particularly, “A Place Further Than the Universe” (or “A Place Further Than the Universe”) is an original animation that has no manga or novel. It relies heavily upon disk sales, which is a significant factor.

There are two disc types “A Place Further Than the Universe”, Bluray and DVD. A total of four volumes were released. The total sales of DVDs and BDs I am curious about is huge hits, with more than 7,000 copies in each volume.

This is also the average number of sales.

The 2018 winter anime period was a great time with many disc sales hits like “Violet Evergarden”, Yuru camp, and “Overlord 2”, but the most popular is “A Place Further Than the Universe”.

It is likely that “A Place Further Than the Universe” (as per the sales side) will be made into an anime or movie version.

Next, we’ll examine the popularity of this video distribution service. Video distribution services that are accessible from anywhere at any time, including at home, have grown in popularity. It is also said that discs can be difficult to sell.

When considering making a movie, or even a second period of animation, the revenue generated by video distribution services is an important consideration.

Two main streams of revenue for video distribution services are revenue from exclusive distribution or revenue based on the number of viewers. However, there is no service that distributes exclusively “A place farther than the universe”.

Profits will therefore be based on the number of views. However, the No. 1 general election of all works, held by the animation distribution company “d Anime Store” in December 2019. “A Place Further than the Universe”, ranked 3rd!

This surpasses “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, a blockbuster in Japan, and “Sword Art Online”, a series that has sold more than 26 million copies and is a surprising hit as original animation. It is now.

More people than 90,000. The “worrisome list” is a bookmark function that can be found in the d anime shop. It has been viewed more than 90,000 times since the beginning of the anime’s first season. It is likely that there will be.

The popularity of video distribution means that there is a good chance that the anime “A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2” will be produced.

A company called Madhouse is responsible for animation production for “A Place Further Than the Universe”.

It is an animation company that has been around since the 1970s. They have produced many well-known animations like “DEATH NOTE” or “Gokusen”. We have also produced sequels like “Overlord” or “Chihayafuru”.

I feel like I haven’t had many hits lately, so if I decide on a sequel to “A Place Further Than the Universe,” which is still very much in demand, it’s likely that I will undertake animation production.

As I said at the beginning, “A Place Further Than the Universe”, has been highly praised by people from all over the world.

The New York Times was named Best Television 2018 International.

It is highly likely that the TV anime sequel 2nd season or the theatrical version movie will be distributed abroad. There is a large overseas market, so it is possible to produce a sequel.

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What story would you tell if there were A Place Further than the Universe Season II?

“A Place Further Than the Universe”, an original anime, is not a manga or novel. You can add as many stories you want, depending on how the script is written.

The story ends in the first episode. However, the story of Mari Tamaki and Kobuchisawa House, Hinata Myake and Yuzuki Shiraishi go to Antarctica, returning to Japan, is completeThis is an impression

It is difficult to complete the first phase of animation. If a sequel is made for a popular work, it may be possible to make a movie animation.

Possibility 1 – Film adaptation from Kobuchizawa House’s perspective

“A Place Further Than the Universe” was an original animation, . However, all three manga volumes drawn from the perspective Kobuchizawa House were published.

It has been many years since the last season of TV animation. Therefore, even if the original version is made into a movie, it is unlikely that there will be an increase in viewers.

If you create a sequel that is based on the manga comics written from the perspective of Kobuchizawa, you will be able to enjoy a different “place farther than the universe”.

The latest anime to be made into a movie is “Theatrical version Sword Art Online Progressive starless Night Aria”.

Kirito will be the main character in “Sword Art Online”, but the story is about Asuna, a heroine who takes a deep dive into Einclad’s popular edition from Kirito’s perspective.

You can create “A place further than the universe” using the perspective at Kobuchizawa House. This animation is completely new.

Possibility 2 – Movie adaptation of later talks

Another option is to draw a more story of four girls, Mari Tamaki House Kobuchizawa Hinata Miyake and Yuzuki Shiraishi. Also, an overview of past episodes.

There is a “Theatrical Version” of “Anohana,” which follows the same pattern as making the story into movies at a later time.

“We don’t even know the name” of the flower that we saw in the movie. It has exceeded 1 billion yen at the box office and is a big hit.

It is possible to make “A Place Further Than the Universe” into a movie by following the same process. This will not affect the first period TV animation and will likely be more popular.

When will the broadcast and release dates for “A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2” be announced?

The TV animation’s first period aired from January 2018 to March 2018. It has been more than three years since its end. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sequel production will be announced anytime.

However, no announcements are made at the moment so there won’t be any broadcast or release at all during 2021. Usually, the sequel production is also decided! The sequel is usually released within a year of the announcement.

We expect that the 2nd TV anime season broadcast date or theatrical movie release date for “A Place Further Than the Universe”, , will occur after 2023.

Summary: 70% chance to make A place farther than the universe season 2

  • 70% chance to make A Place Further Than the Universe Season 2
  • It’s more likely that it will be made into a movie then the second season of TV animated television.
  • It is likely that the sequel will be released after 2023, if it does not happen.

It’s the second season TV animation and the movie version “A Place Further Than the Universe”, but considering the sales of DVDs, video distribution and popularity overseas, it seems there is a chance of nearly 70% .

Is there a story about something you are curious about? The first TV animation period was so complete that if you release a sequel with bad content it can lead to burning.

The possibility of making a sequel to a story depends on it. However, in certain cases like “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, the production of a new movie is decided on 10th anniversary of start of broadcasting. This is approximately 8 years after the previous work was released. “Let’s watch the TV animation 1st-term re-watching” and “A Place Further Than The Universe” manga.