Football betting is one of the most popular forms of betting today on 22Bet. It is both a form of entertainment after tiring working hours and a way for you to train your thinking and judgment and create another source of income. Over and under bets are one of the bets that are “heard” by brothers to bet with large profits. So what is a draw? How do you check the odds properly?

What is a Draw?

Football is a king sport; there are solid teams and teams with average or weak achievements. Therefore, when the teams are evenly matched against each other, it is difficult for us to predict the odds. Therefore, handicap was born to give handicap scores to return the match to an even level.

Handicap has many levels,  the most popular of which are Handicap (Event), Half Handicap, Left Handicap, and Left Half Handicap. Among the above odds, the most notable and popular is the draw.

So what is a tie? Handicap is a draw used in online football betting and the name of the over-under bet. This is a bet offered by a reputable bookie when two teams are the same, and you can choose the bet you want. The draw takes place when the two teams are balanced in performance, strength, formation, key factors creating mutations, etc.

Usually, the draw only appears in major international tournaments such as EURO, World Cup… A specific example for you to understand the draw better:

In a match between two teams, Real and Chelsea, The odds offered by the house are that Real will eat 0.95 and Chelsea will eat 0.98. And the amount you bet on the draw is $100.

Match results if Chelsea loses, Real wins:

  • Chelsea bet: will lose the entire bet amount of $ 100.
  •  Real bet: win and get bonus: 100 + 100 x 0.95=195$.

In the event of a tie at the end of the match, the players will receive the full amount bet back.

Handicap usually goes with another market

Understand the features of a draw

The handicap is offered by the bookie when the two teams are in an even position in all aspects. And it is difficult to determine the results of which team wins and which team loses.

Next, you need to know that the draw will never go alone, but it will go hand in hand with another bet. For example, a draw is often accompanied by a half-left handicap, a half-left handball, a 1-left handicap, a shake, etc. Therefore, you should analyze and compare the odds between the screens to decide. The sweetest deal is possible.

3 cases of a ball handicap

When did the draw happen or be checked? Below, we shares with you 3 cases where the draw was checked, specifically as follows:

  • Case 1: The team with the above bet wins

If you bet on the winning hand, you will receive the full amount of the bet.

  • Case 2: Two teams draw

In this case, you will get the full amount back.

  • Case 3: The underdog team wins

Above are 3 cases that will happen when playing a tie.

Experience playing handicap with 100% accuracy

When participating in football betting, many people who have never played will think this is a game of chance betting. This concept is entirely wrong, and if you play according to feelings and luck, you will only get one result: empty hands, loss of money, loss of house and property. Because playing football betting requires calculation, analysis, and accurate strategy to win bets. Therefore, when participating in the draw, you also have to “pocket” some of the following experiences.

Choose a reputable bookie

An essential handicap that you must always master is choosing a reputable bookie to make a bet. Reputable bookies provide you with information about what is a handicap and ensure financial and data security for you.

Currently, many bookies cheat by offering preferential policies and fragrant odds to seduce you. If you participate in betting at these bookies, you will lose your bet and have many other consequences. Therefore, choose reputable bookmakers to ensure:

  • Have a legal operating license
  • Reasonable handicap rate
  • Long-term operation, a large number of official members
  • Good confidentiality of member information
  • Good care service

Choose the correct time to bet

When participating in handicaps, the time you participate in betting is essential in deciding whether to win or lose when betting. Usually, you often choose when the match is about to take place or bet too early. Then these two timelines were not chosen by the players.

Choose the correct betting time

The ideal time to place the handicap of the players is usually when the match takes about 5-10 minutes. Because this is when you can identify the match and the team’s real performance, it is advisable to bet early to avoid when the time is up; no bets are allowed.

Priority to choose the home team

Another experience when looking for a draw, you should refer to prioritizing choosing the home team. The difference is not great because the two teams are equal in all aspects. However, with the home team, the team is allowed to play on their field, the home advantage is more, leading to high competition, and the possibility of winning will be greater.