How to write a good resume or how to succeed in an interview? A lot has been written on these topics, it is enough to look at a few pages on the Internet. Candidates often ask us for advice on how to improve, complete or edit their resume. Therefore, we have written the following tips and inspiration for you.

How to write a good resume?

When it comes to overall resume design, always use standard fonts, graphics, and color schemes. Divide the summary into logical blocks separated by a heading. Do not combine different types of fonts, use only one type. Use two, maximum three font sizes. Now there are many portals that you can use to create an interesting resume. Several templates are available on our site, and there are also affordable resume writing services.

As for the length, ideally the summary should take 1-2 pages. Even if your work experience is already more extensive, if you need to list projects, publications, etc., we recommend limiting yourself to a maximum of three pages.

Make sure your resume is free of typos, bolding, date mismatches, and similar errors. If you are updating your resume after a long break, please show the final version to your family, friends or loved ones first. They can help you troubleshoot errors you don’t see. If you’re applying for a job through a recruitment agency, ask the recruiter for feedback on whether your resume is in order – even if you didn’t manage to find a job, you usually get valuable advice that can help you in your next selection process.

Always send your resume in PDF format, you will be sure that the recruiter will read it exactly as you sent it. If a resume is required in a foreign language, submit it in that language to expedite the process. If a manager who speaks only English is considering a resume, your resume in Slovak is unlikely to interest him.

What should and should not be included in a resume?

In order to attract the attention of a potential employer, it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate structure, include the right information and in the right order. We also recommend that you always “tailor” your resume to the position you are applying for – highlighting your strengths, experience, courses, etc. that make you an ideal candidate.

Include your name, including title, in the title of your resume. If you do not list your position, or only list it along with your education, you may be excluded from the selection process for lack of education. Contact information – address, email, mobile phone (where you can be contacted).

We also recommend including a photo at the beginning, but avoid photos from holidays or leisure. It doesn’t have to be a photo taken by a professional photographer, but it should be a clear photo of your face that makes you look serious. You want to impress, don’t you? On the contrary, we recommend not to indicate the date of birth, marital status, number of children or marriages, nationality, mother tongue, religious beliefs and other similar information.