AfterPay can be used online or in-store as an alternative to credit cards. AfterPay is a multi-national company. ClearPay is the name of AfterPay in other countries. AfterPay is a Buy Now & Pay Later (BNPL) app that was first launched in Australia.

It currently has 19.6 million users worldwide. Scammers use Afterpay Codes Received to target their victims.

Afterpay Verification Code:

Afterpay is a secure payment method that users can verify the charges made. AfterPay is available for Android and iOS as well as online on the Windows platform.

AfterPay can send an SMS code because of the increasing use of smartphones. AfterPay can also automatically read the verification code sent without you having to manually enter it.

AfterPay makes it easy to pay instantly by using mobile technology and SMS. However, many people have asked Afterpay why they sent them a verification code without asking. The verification code was also sent to mobile numbers that were not registered with AfterPay. It suggests that it is a SCAM.

User experience:

In most cases, fraudsters call the number that received the code to request the code. More than 200 comments on blogs suggested that the user didn’t receive a call asking for the verification code.

It is therefore unclear as to why codes were received or who sent them. Many users did not receive the SMS.

Reporting Afterpay Verification Code Received:

Several users contacted AfterPay customer support regarding verification code received. Many users were informed by AfterPay customer service that their accounts had not been registered.

It was recommended that people contact their phone service provider to stop their number being used.

AfterPay users cannot access their bank accounts without the AfterPay verification code. The verification code is used for authorizing a purchase transaction. Afterpay verification code received does not allow AfterPay users to access their bank accounts.

Prevention of Phishing:

You can verify your account if it is being hacked by checking the SMS delivery address. Second, don’t use public Wi-Fi. Third, change your AfterPay password.


You must notify your telephone provider if you receive an AfterPay verification number without having an AfterPay account. This is because AfterPay is not responsible for the data breach. Unregistered numbers saw Afterpay Verification code received.