Do you receive random verification codes? Are you interested in learning more about ongoing messages from scammers? Let’s take a look at the fears of the customers. You can also follow the safety steps described in this article.

People in Australia are worried about the messages associated with the Afterpay verification scam. Many people are being targeted by scammers across the country, according to social media and online discussion forums.

Afterpay and Random Verification

Many people are baffled by random texts and emails that they receive containing Afterpay verification codes. Many users ignored the messages, and continued to receive similar emails and texts every day.

These verification texts are sent by fraudsters pretending to represent Afterpay employees. Most people who get these texts and emails do not have Afterpay accounts. Learn more about the Afterpay verification code.

Views of People on Verification Texts

  • Reddit users share their experiences with scammers’ messages.
  • As more people share similar experiences, the popularity of such experiences grows.
  • Many people stated that Afterpay doesn’t allow them to have accounts. They still received verification messages frequently.
  • Many people are raising concerns about security breaches at the company’s end. The company has yet to respond.
  • Multiple Australians commented on receiving verification texts.
  • Reddit user Oda mentioned that she received a text similar to the one above at 04:38 AM. Another Reddit user said she received a similar text at 01:26 AM.

After Pay Scams

  • Afterpay emails and messages are targeted at thousands of users.
  • Some individuals received multiple verification messages in a short time.
  • Every time, the number that sent the messages differs.
  • All verification texts indicated that it was from Afterpay.
  • If the victim provides the verification code, the scammers will attempt to access Afterpay accounts.

Instruction from Government Website

Services Australia’s official website lists some important points about scam texts. These points are listed below:

  • Users should not click links in emails or text messages from suspicious senders. Let’s look at the’Afterpay verification code but no account‘.
  • One of these spam messages is received. The user is directed to report the message to the “Theft Helpdesk” immediately and to delete the message.
  • Information about bank accounts or other payment details should not be shared.
  • Contact the bank immediately if you have provided any information.


Scammers use the name of important Fintech companies to send scam emails and text messages. Inform your customer and report the phone number or email address immediately.