Within this publish, we’ve discussed the famous fraudster Anna Sorokin, who inspired the Netflix series Inventing Anna, and who’s Anna Sorokin Boyfriend.

Have you ever seen the Netflix series, Inventing Anna? Which are the story is dependant on a genuine-existence disadvantage lady? Do you want to learn about her boyfriend? If so, stay tuned towards the publish.

Inventing Anna, the Netflix show, is trending within the U . s . States, the Uk and Canada. Fans and also the audience from the show are intrigued through the series and therefore are searching to understand much more about Anna and her boyfriend. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss Anna Sorokin Boyfriend.

Who’s Anna Sorokin?

Anna Sorokin is actually a charged fraudster who’s Russian-German. She purported to become a wealthy German heiress beneath the identity of Anna Delvey from 2013 to 2017 while residing in america to scam banks, resorts, and affluent contacts.

In 2019, she was in prison for attempting grand thievery thievery inside the second degree, including thievery by deceptiveness regarding the these crimes. Netflix is creating a show adaption of her narrative known as Inventing Anna. Lately, a Netflix series named Inventing Anna depicting her existence seemed to be released on Netflix.

Before learning more about Anna Sorokin Boyfriend, let’s talk of the Netflix series, Inventing Anna.

The Netflix Series Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is really a television American drama series presently streaming on Netflix. Shonda Rhimes created and supervised the tv small-series, that is inspired by Jessica Pressler’s New You are able to article. On eleventh Feb 2022, Netflix released the series. Julia Garner plays the title character.

Jessica Pressler’s article took it’s origin from the analysis of Anna Sorokin, a disadvantage lady who committed multi frauds within the late 2010s in the usa. The show’s storyline involves Anna and her existence and just how she duped individuals with her trickery and intelligence.

Who’s Anna Sorokin Boyfriend?

Within the show, Saamer Usmani plays Chase Sikorski, a personality according to certainly one of Anna’s ex-boyfriends. The unknown man probably dated Anna within the 2010s being an ambitious application entrepreneur and alleged tech person.

The Brand New You are able to Publish recommended what they are called of recent Yorkers like Hunter Lee Soik and David Shing might be Anna’s boyfriend, however they couldn’t prove it formally. There has been many guesses concerning the potential identity from the Futurist boyfriend of Anna Sorokin, with no real evidence have been found about his real identity.

Let’s determine what Anna Sorokin does nowadays, now that we understand about Anna Sorokin Boyfriend.

What’s Anna Sorokin Doing Now?

Anna Sorokin was handed a sentence varying from four to 12 years in prison in 2019. She spent the following 2 yrs within the Rikers Island jail prior to being sentenced, after which she was eventually delivered to Albion Correctional Facility in New You are able to. She was launched in Feb 2021. But Anna was again taken into child custody on 25th March 2021.


The Netflix series Inventing Anna has introduced Anna Sorokin in to the limelight. But she’s presently under child custody, and her future is uncertain. Visit what is the news Website for additional.

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