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2022 Net worth of Ashley

Ashley Judd, an American actress, is well-known. Her acting career has brought her a lot of fame and recognition. Her net worth will reach $14 million in 2022. This information is sourced online. The site allows viewers and readers to check her net worth. Naomi Judd was Naomi’s daughter, and she has recently passed away. We will also talk about her husband.

Ashley Judd Husband

According to reports, Ashley married Dario Franchitti, a well-known Scottish Racing Car driver, in 1999. The couple were married at Skibo Castle in Scotland in 2001. His husband was the IndyCar Series champion four more times, the winner of Dayton (2008) and three-time champion at the Indianapolis 500. The couple split in 2013 after they had been separated for a while. Ashley is currently single and has not been engaged to anyone. Ashley did not have children. Martin Surbeck has seen the lady many times. They have been together many times.

What Is Ashley Judd Worth ?

Ashley has a net worth of around $14 million, as we’ve already mentioned. Her mother Naomi Judd, a prominent singer in the music business, was well-off and she was born to a wealthy family. She made all of her wealth acting, but now she invests her money in real estate and other charitable and social work.

Why is everyone talking about it?

According to the 2022 report, Ashely’s mother Naomi Judd had exempted both their daughters from her will. This is why people are interested in Ashley Judd Net worth 2022. Naomi Judd made her husband co-executor of the will. The will was drawn up five years before Naomi’s death. Wynonna and Ashley stated that they were on good terms with their mother. This decision has left them very upset.


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