This post discusses the benefits and timing of the credit.

Are you honest taxpayer who is waiting to get a refund from the State? Are you a Indiana resident United States You are not the only one on the waitlist if so.

Although it is true that the wait is over, when exactly will you be able to start receiving the benefits? If you want to learn more about the ATR process, we have a detailed post for you. Let us guide you through atr Taxpayer Rebate

Refund checks for tax could reach mailboxes this week:

On Monday, the printing of 1.7million checks began. The first check is expected to arrive by today. The initial printing process was delayed by paper shortages, which led to delays in people receiving their checks. This delay can be beneficial for many.

Because $125 (original check), is now combined with $200 relief money approved by the General Assembly. People can now expect to receive $325 per person or $650 as a married couple.

What is Taxpayer Refund Atr.

Indiana’s “Excess Use of Reserves Law” (IC 4-10-22) states that a taxpayer who has paid taxes in Indiana must be reimbursed if the state’s budget reserves exceed certain thresholds. This happened in 2012, and again nine years later during the Fiscal year 2021.

This $125 tax refund can be issued by check or direct deposit. It is not the same as Indiana Individual Income Tax refunds people received in the financial year 2021.

Additionally, the special session of the Indiana General Assembly passed the $200 Atr taxpayer refund this year, so people can get the combined benefits.

Who is eligible to receive the checks

  • All individuals who have filed an Indiana resident tax return by the year 2020, or by the postmark date 3 January 2022, will be eligible to receive these benefits.
  • You are eligible for $200 if you receive $125 from the first hit.
  • If you do not have $125, you could be eligible for the combined benefits.
  • If a taxpayer was not eligible for a $125 Taxpayer Refund, they can still get a $200 Atr.
  • You must have received Social Security benefits in 2022.
  • They cannot also be listed as dependents on the 2022 Indiana income tax return.

If any information suggests that the bank account has changed, the person will be mailed a check.

How will taxpayers get the benefits?

The Department of Revenue states that all refunds will be made by checks or deposits. The Department of Revenue has also warned people about scams and asked them not to respond to any calls, emails or texts containing links, and instead, ask for information regarding personal/bank refunds.


The Atr Taxpayer Rebate process has begun. People will receive their refunds approximately between August and October in normal circumstances. DOR has an official website.

If you make a bank transfer, will you be eligible for a refund? Comment on your thoughts.