There are lots of words left within the Wordle game therefore, Belie Wordle includes a high opportunity to come in the approaching or possibly tomorrow round.

That which was the Wordle answer: August 28? Had you been stuck hanging around at the best place, or you’ve used every word you realize? You’ve trouble picking out words since you lack vocabulary, but take it easy.

The sport is gaining recognition in a variety of countries, for example Canada, the Uk, the U . s . States, Australia, India, etc. A couple of list modifications were created included in the NYT’s effort to get rid of expletives in the game’s assortment of guessable worlds. Wish to consider provide tips or ways to obtain the Belie Wordle.

Exactly Why Is Wordle Gaining Popularity?

You’ve arrived at the right place if you are attempting to solve the brand new You are able to wordle and also have BEL words within the highlighted areas. You should know that Wordle is a-new game produced with a programmer named Josh Wardle before searching with the word list. Beginning in October 2021, it all of a sudden grew to become very popular worldwide. Quordle’s answer for #216 for August 28, 2022, was Belie. The word’s first letter is B, and even though it’s two vowels, only one of these can be used two times.

So, this wordplay isn’t complicated it’s really a Belie Game. Six terms were dropped out of this list following the New You are able to Occasions bought Wordle in 2022.

Which Word’s Beginning Is The Greatest?

You may choose the perfect opening move using our suggestions. These options include selecting a phrase having a minimum of two distinct vowels along with a couple of frequent consonants, like T, S, R, or N, to rule such phonological construction parts in or out.

So, these clues will not waste time in solving the puzzle and becoming a greater score to resolve Wordle in less tries.

Can There Be Any Possibility of Belie Wordle?

Rather of utilizing the precise words frequently, Wordle employs new terms in every day’s puzzle. Your day once the Wordle game has no words in the list and can’t create new puzzles would be the last day with this well-loved game.

Their email list of words input if this game was produced remains the same since the source code hasn’t been altered. Consequently, Belief is around the wordle game’s list for the following round. Therefore, there’s a great possibility the term “belie” is going to be used later on.

Belie Definition:

Despite its apparent simplicity, the sport is challenging because of the enormous quantity of potential outcomes. You will find 10,657 words, most of which are permitted as guesses additionally towards the a large number of words in Wordle.

Concept of Belief – To do something in a manner that is not worthy of in order to reveal something false in order to hide something, just like an emotion. For instance, the lady believed her extensive shopping would trick her buddies that her banking account was empty. Synonyms – blanket, blot out, cloak, curtain, disguise, enshroud, and veil. Get more information at more words in Wordle.


Hence, the Belie Wordle was very hard for most people. Wordle game could be performed on any tablet, phone, computer, or smart TV because it functions on any device having a internet browser. After working the day’s word, you have to wait 24 hrs for any new word. Would you play Wordle? If so, then share your score within the comment box.