No matter the kind of business that you run in the United Kingdom, it is crucial that you have a business website that is user-friendly and clean. Your e-commerce site serves as the digital home of your products, and that is where most people go to search for information about what you offer before they start making contact with you. If you deliver a poor website design effort, you will most likely not achieve the goals that you built your website for. Therefore, it is important to know how you can improve website design.

Here are some of the best website design tips for 2022 for UK-based businesses.

1. Minimize friction

Clear-cut web designs are a serious trend these days, and while at it, you should avoid using too many visual elements which can compete for attention from the users. Too complicated animations that are highly textured and colored are an example of the things that you should avoid in your website design. Instead, you can look for a focal point and build your web pages around it rather than adding more animated content.

2. The rise in the use of micro-animations

Any user who goes online will always find interesting videos, and there is no sign that this is likely to change anytime soon. However, you are likely to slow down your website when you incorporate too many clips. While these micro animations may not work better when it comes to explaining your products, they are effective in helping your visitors take the necessary action.

3. Make your navigation simple

Make sure that your visitors can navigate the site comfortably. There are several methods that you can use to achieve this, and among them is the use of information footers and navigation bars. Also, drop-down lists would be ideal if you are running a website with many pages.

4. Use bold color palettes

When you are adopting a minimalist design, your website shouldn’t be boring at all. Choose a color scheme that is both bold and bright since this can help make your website stand out. This is much better and delivers an amazing experience than when you are using Flash. Even a single or two contrasting shades in a monochrome design produces an amazing eye-catching effect. Remember that not every white space should be white.

5. Optimized for mobile users

Most people access the web using hand-held devices, and it’s just good that you optimize your website to suit the requirements of these people. In 2022, mobile matters most because more than 80 percent of your website visitors will return if they find that it’s mobile-friendly. Don’t let your business miss the opportunity for repeat visits by not making sure that all the pages are responsive and mobile-friendly.


Website design is constantly evolving, but there are tips that have been proven to deliver awesome results and make sure that your site delivers a positive ROI. Optimization for mobile access, using attractive and visually captivating color palette and making your website navigable are some of the website design tips that   business website owner in the UK should consider in 2022.