In the betting halls, you are free to bet on a variety of bets with different payout ratios. Among them, the first goal is considered a form of football betting that is easy to play and easy to hit. So what do you know about this bet on 22Bet Tanzania? What are the mistakes to avoid when betting first? Do not skip the article below to answer the questions together.

What is the first goal bet?

A first goal market is known as betting on the team that will score the first goal in a match. If you guess correctly, the first team to score a goal will be the winner and receive the entire bonus. Conversely, if you lose, you will not receive any money.

Bet on the first goal is of interest to many people 

The bets for the first team to score are as follows:

  • Bet on Team A to score first.
  • Bet on Team B to score first.
  • Bet on both teams not to score.
  • Bet on the player to score first.

Besides the first bet, the bookies also offer the last goal. That is, you will bet on the team to score the last goal in the match. Both of these betting forms attract a lot of brothers because they are easy to play and easy to win.

Calculate the bonus when catching the first goal correctly

The reason why the bet on the first goal is noticed by many brothers is because of the simple way of betting, but the rate of winning is high. So how to calculate the bonus when catching the first goal correctly?

How is the first goal bonus calculated?

The formula for calculating the bonus for this market is as follows: Total amount received = Bonus rate of the bet you select x Total bet placed

The bonus rate of the betting odds is determined by each bookmaker. There are bookies that offer a small bonus amount, but compared to other odds, it is an attractive amount.

Steps to bet on the first goal

Playing the first goal is not complicated; the betting steps are the same as other bets. However, those who are new to the game will still be confused. So if you are a rookie, then follow the bets below:

  • Step 1: Register for a football betting account via the interface of the betting hall of your choice. Create a strong password for your account.
  • Step 2: Make a deposit into your account to begin betting.
  • Step 3: Access the interface of the bookie. Select the item “Sports betting”.
  • Step 4: Select the tournament you want to bet on. Choose the odds of the first goal.
  • Step 5: Complete the betting operation. You just need to watch the match and wait for the house result to be announced after the match ends.

Mistakes to avoid when betting on the first goal

To bet on football, “hundred matches, hundred wins” is not far away. However, you will easily fail if you make one of the following mistakes.

Football betting needs to avoid what mistakes to always win?

Some bookies often launch an example. Inexperienced players will choose the upper door. If you are sober, lean towards the bottom for this bet.

Regardless of the outcome, many people lose hope when betting on the first goal and ignore the bet on the last goal. Please focus on watching to remove the team that scored the last goal.

Not knowing about the match will make you confused when playing bets. Therefore, learn basic information such as: the strength of each team, starting goalkeeper, midfielder, recent form, and house odds.

did not pay attention to observing the game when he was on the field. You should note that if you watch the match from the very beginning, it will help you know which team is stronger.

Betting on others is also a mistake that should be avoided. Because they are not sure if they are right, so please do your own research about the two teams to avoid regret when announcing the results.

Things to keep in mind when playing the first goal bet

The first goal bet is also given some specific rules to make the calculation process clear and transparent. Therefore, please note a few things after taking a quick look at this form of betting:

  • In the event that the player kicks his own goal, the result will be counted for your team.
  • The most powerful basis for calculating the result depends on the decision of the arbitrator.
  • If, for some objective reason, the match is canceled, the house will refund the entire bet.
  • In the event that the match is postponed but a goal has been scored, the bets will still stand.
  • All bets will be void if the match is adjourned and no goals have been scored.
  • Bet results are only counted when the match has no goals. When there is a goal, you can only play the last goal.

How to choose the bookmaker to score the first goal?

Many bettors believe that the choice of the betting house does not affect the outcome of the bet. This is a bad idea because betting in the unscrupulous lobby will have many unanticipated consequences.You may lose your nickname, have your bonus stolen, or reveal your personal information.

Not only newbies, but long-time bettors should also choose a reputable lobby

Long-term bettors as well as newcomers

Therefore, to ensure the safest, players should refer to the brothers ahead to choose a reputable house. In addition, reliable bookmakers also offer many attractive promotional codes and professional player support. In particular, pay attention to choosing a betting house that has a license to operate to avoid breaking the law.

Surely, after reading the article, you already know how to bet on the first goal and the mistakes to avoid. All of the above shares are synthesized and distilled from the opinions of betting experts. Therefore, you are completely assured when applying it to online football betting!