To help readers make the best decision, this guide provides details about an online website as well as unbiased Reviews.

Do you want to find the most recent lifestyle blogs on different subjects? Are you a fan of reading blogs about entertainment, film, and other topics? This website offers multiple contents that cover a variety of lifestyle topics such as skincare, make-up and hair, films, celebrities, entertainment, bodycare, and other topics.

This website is accessible to all users worldwide and registered in the United States. To read the most recent blogs and topics, you should first check the Reviews before signing up.

What’s is an online blog that provides updated information on lifestyle topics, entertainment, films, and healthcare. This website covers the most searched topics by internet users around the world.

The website is registered in the United States and all users worldwide can access the contents. Different sections make it easier to browse the content. The menu allows you to access blogs and content at your own pace. You can access the website for free and find new content on various topics. Is Legit? Or a Scam Portal before you read any content.


  • Link –
  • Content categories – Hair, Makeup, Body, Skin Care and Lifestyle.
  • Payment Options – Available for Free or Not
  • Email address – Not shared
  • Phone number – not shared
  • Address – Not available
  • Email Newsletter Subscription – Not Found
  • Domain registration – 2nd Mai 2019, Three Years, Two Months, and 18 Days
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies: Not applicable to the Website
  • It is not a retailer selling products and therefore does not have any return or refund policies
  • Social Media Presence – We did not find any social media logos on this website, according to Reviews.

Pros at

  • Blog posts that are informative and current on a variety of topics
  • The latest blogs about lifestyle and health
  • Up-to-date content about entertainment and movies
  • Blog contents can be accessed by all and are free to read
  • The website covers many topics
  • Easy tips and tricks for hair and skin care

Cons of

  • Website does not contain many vital details
  • Subscribe to the email newsletter but not available
  • Social media is inactive.
  • It was not possible to find the physical address, phone number and owner’s details.
  • There are no comments or reviews available for blog content.

Is Legit Scam or Legal ?

To avoid any scams, it is important to verify the legitimacy of any website you visit or use its information. was evaluated and we discovered some key details that will help you determine if it’s a scam or a legitimate portal.

  • Three years ago, the domain name was registered on May 2, 2019. It was then updated on May 3, 2022. Further extensions were made to the domain registration, which was extended until 2nd May 2023.
  • It has a trust score of average. The portal has a 76% trust score, and a 42.4% trust ranking. It is important to evaluate the portal before you access it due to its average trust scores.
  • We did not find any Reviews. A few video reviews are available with comments. It doesn’t prove its legitimacy.
  • The website does not share the owner’s information.
  • It is not possible to find the website’s address or phone number as well as other important details.
  • The website is not available on social media platforms.

These findings prove that the website cannot be trusted completely. You will need to do more research and analysis before you can access the website. This will ensure that you are safe when browsing the portal.

Customer Reviews

There is no customer review section on the website. We have not yet found Reviews. Online readers are not interested in the website, so there aren’t any reviews or comments.

The website does not have social media pages that allow you to leave comments or receive feedback from users. We recommend that readers thoroughly research the website before they access it. Don’t forget to review the tips for reporting PayPal scams.

Conclusion, an online blog, shares up-to-date content on a variety of topics including skincare and hair, entertainment, films and celebs. The website is lacking in essential details and Reviews so you should thoroughly review it before you go. To verify its legitimacy, you must look for reviews and comments online. Also, make sure to read the guide for identifying credit card scams.

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