Blaze Credit Card Reviews

The Blaze credit card customers are happy with their experience with the card. A number of users have reported being approvedeven though they’ve recently filed for bankruptcy or an unreliable credit background. They are aware of the annual cost and the high APR, however they are pleased by the $25 late charge, much lower than the other cards. There are some complaints regarding customer service, however, others have reported having an excellent experience whenever they communicate to customer support.

Blaze Credit Card Rewards

It’s true that the Blaze credit card does not have any rewards built-in. It is possible to sign up for the Premium Club Membership, however. Membership is $4.95 per month, and offers discount on trips.

Blaze Card FAQs

What’s the average APR on the Blaze card?
The APR on the Blaze credit card is 29.9 percent.

Can I add an authorized user?
You are able to add an additional user, but there’s an annual fee of $20 for each additional user you add.

Are there annual fees?
There is an annual $75 cost that is due on the first statement you receive and every year, and once a year following the initial statement.

Is there a late charge?
The late fee is set up to $25. Additionally, you will be charged as much as $25 for failed payment.

Can I receive an advance on my cash?
You may take advantage of cash advances. If you receive cash advances you will be charged an amount of 2 percent for the entire cash advance.