Choosing a Lawn Care Company is an important step when you want to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Lawn care companies offer a wide variety of services. These services include lawn fertilization, seeding, Irrigation, pest control, weed control, and fungicide treatments.

Pest control

Keeping your lawn pest free requires a bit of technical expertise and product knowledge. There are several pest control companies to choose from. Before you sign up for a service, ask a lot of questions.

In addition to evaluating a company’s documentation, you should also ask about the cancellation policy. You might also want to check if they are a member of a professional organization or a local Penn State Extension office.

Lawn care companies that offer pest control should use eco-friendly treatments to keep insects out. This helps prevent recurrences and promotes healthy growth.

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Weed control

Getting rid of weeds is a big part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Weeds can destroy the look of your lawn and eat away at the water and nutrients your desirable plants need to grow.

Professional weed control by a lawn care company can provide you with the best results. A company with years of experience in weed control knows the products and techniques to use and will maintain high standards of ethics.

A company with a flat rate pricing scheme will allow you to know what to expect for the entire weed control job. Some companies only service specific lawn sizes, while others are a one-stop shop for all your lawn care needs.


Having a lawn that is regularly fertilized will make it greener, thicker, and more resistant to drought. It will also help prevent disease and weed infestation.

Several lawn care companies offer fertilization services. These include national companies and local businesses. These companies offer treatments based on individual needs. They can recommend the best fertilization method for your lawn.

A lawn care company will also help you control weeds. Many companies offer reemergence weed control for crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Some lawn care companies will also offer disease control.

The cost of lawn fertilization is dependent on the size of the lawn, the brand, and the service provider. The cost ranges from $0.02 to $0.14 per square foot.


Having a lawn care company perform seeding services can improve the appearance of your home’s landscape. A great lawn will add value to your property and accentuate its curb appeal. Having a lawn that is healthy and well-maintained can also help to prevent runoff from entering waterways.

Seeding your lawn can help to fill in bare spots, thicken your turf, and increase your lawn’s density. It is also a good way to introduce new varieties of grass that are more resistant to disease and weed invasions.

You can have your lawn seeded in the spring or fall. The fall is a better time to seed your lawn since cooler air temperatures are favorable for the growth of the new seeds.

Deep root feeding

Using a lawn care company that offers deep root fertilization can help your landscape look better. It is especially important to provide deep root support for newly planted landscape shrubs. They are exposed to a new environment and need special care.

Deep root fertilization helps promote a healthier plant by providing a balanced blend of micronutrients that strengthen the immune system and root system. It also helps to aerate the soil. This allows for more oxygen to reach the root system and increases the ability of the plant to resist insect and disease attacks.

Fungicide treatments

Using a lawn care company that offers fungicide treatments is an important way to help keep your lawn healthy. Fungicides can be used to help prevent lawn diseases, but also to treat and cure them if they do occur.

Lawn diseases can be caused by several factors, including high temperatures, humidity, and improper watering. The best way to prevent them is to make sure that your lawn is properly watered and maintained.

Using a lawn care company that offers preventative fungicide treatments can help you keep your lawn healthy, and can also help you avoid expensive cures. Most lawn diseases are self-limiting, and fungicides help prevent the disease from recurring.


Whether you are considering a new or existing irrigation system for your property, a lawn care company should be able to assist you. You can choose to hire a single company to handle both irrigation and lawn care services. This can reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

A properly designed irrigation system will help maintain a beautiful landscape. The system will also save water.

The irrigation system will also reduce the amount of runoff from your driveway and sidewalks. This reduces the likelihood of flooding. The system also helps maintain a landscape by evenly distributing water on all surfaces.