This article discusses a promotional website that rewards Walmart customers for using codes found on products purchased. Learn more about

Are you a Walmart regular customer? Do you want to win prizes from Walmart products? Keep reading if you are interested in being rewarded for your purchases at Walmart.

Customers from the United States would like to find out about the prize and gift cards that are available online through The website is designed to guide and instruct users on how to win all prize-winning procedures. So, let’s explore more details.

Collectsnack Website

Walmart customers have the opportunity to enter an online contest through Collectsnack. For the competition to be entered, users must submit their logos or coupon codes.

Walmart products were included as the reward. The website users are also rewarded with gift certificates, computers, and a grand award of $100,000. Users must register on the Collectsnack Website in order to take part in the contest. After the official announcement, a list of winners will be published on the website.

Collectsnack com

  • Collectsnack’s website allows users to easily participate.
  • Collect the codes from OREO and belVita products. Rewards will not be offered for products bought outside Walmart.
  • One person is awarded each the grand prize and first prize. These prizes are not the only prizes. There are also many smaller prizes.
  • All winners receive an official email confirming their prize.
  • Participants must be 18 or older to be eligible to win the prizes.

Technical Information of Collectsnack website

  • has an trust index of 80%. The domain’s age is the main reason for a high trust score.
  • A high trust index also means that the owner’s identity and verification have been confirmed. The owner of the domain has provided all information about the company, owner, address, email id and number.
  • The domain was registered on 17/04/2018.
  • The domain expires 17 April 2023.
  • The domain’s age is 4 years, 98 days.
  • Trustpilot doesn’t have any ratings or reviews for this website.

Official Website Guidelines

  • Participants in can start the online reward system on the 25th of July 2022 (at 12:00 AM ET).
  • The deadline for applications is Friday, September 6th 2022 at 11:59 ET
  • The applicant must come from one of the 50 US states or D.C.
  • Mondelez Global LLC hosts the contest.
  • The last date you can claim the reward is 9 October 2022. The prize is deemed null if claimed after this date.


Collectsnacks’ website has a high trust score. Customers can use the products they have purchased to take part in the online contest. Please visit to view the rules and guidelines for this competition.

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