Are you curious about the Concord train accident? Are you curious to learn how many people died in the train accident? This article will provide you with some brief information.

According to the MBTA Transit Police, a commuter train in concord, United States was hit in which the women were killed. Unidentified women were killed at the Belknap street crossing.

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Statements from the transmit police

We can tell you that a Concord woman was struck and killed by a commuter train on Wednesday morning. Later, the MBTA Transit Police declared her dead. Police officers also tweeted that Fitchburg Train 406 arrived from Wachusett at 7:25 AM and was ending at Concord, California due to the same police activity. All services on the Fitchburg commuter rail line are suspended at that point.

A spokesperson for the MBTA transit police stated on the Concord Ma Train Incident that an extra train would arrive to pick up passengers between the Concord and North Stations. Transit police said that the Fitchburg rail service services were stopped for about half an hour and resumed again after that.

According to the transmit police statement, the women attempted to get onto the tracks while the train was running through. The police declared the victims dead after they sustained a number of injuries. Later investigations are continued by the transit police detectives. It leads to the accident on the Concord rail train.

Where and when did the train stop?

Andy Loven was one of the passengers under the Concord Ma Train Accident. He was on his way to Boston university for his research. He claimed that the train stopped at the Concord midway and west concord for a few moments, which was unusual.

After about 10 to 15 seconds, the conductors of the train started walking quickly from the front end of the train. Loven said that he was reminded of the incident three years ago by the flashback he saw in the conductors’ faces and speed.

Concord Ma Train Accident

A train conductor reported that a person was killed in the Concord train accident. The Loven and transit police have posted many tweets about the train accident. Other passengers also stated that more train accidents like this will occur in 2022.


This article will provide information about the train accident that occurred Wednesday morning in Concord. The Fitchburg rail lines are now closed.

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