Are you tired of waiting in airports to be picked up? Do you want to hear what people think about airport shuttle services? Continue reading to learn all about this topic.

Finding the right transportation to and from the airport is a problem for both domestic and international visitors from the United States. This problem is worse for long flights and sudden unplanned travels.

To verify the quality of the airport shuttle service, people are looking for Connexions Utah Review.

Reviews and ConneXions Utah

ConneXions Transportation LLC provides airport shuttle services. ConneXions offers services in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas. Travelers today look online for reviews to help them determine the quality of their service.

ConneXions Transportation LLC has been rated 5-star by all Google users. The rating process was completed by 37 users. All users also gave positive reviews.

Connexions Utah Reviews Other Opinions

  • ConneXions Transportation LLC does not have any reviews or ratings on Trustpilot.
  • Other than that, there are not many reviews on major social media platforms about the services.
  • ConneXions Transportation LLC has excellent ratings and reviews on Google Reviews.
  • Customer reviews highlighted professionalism and punctuality.
  • Autumn Christensen, customer, commented on the professionalism of the company’s service over the years.
  • Jessica, another customer, referred to ConneXions’ “Best Shuttle Service in Utah” and praised the driver for his professional service.

More User Comments

  • Kyle Treadway gave ConneXions a 5-star rating on Connexions Utah Review. She also highlighted the reliability, safety, friendliness, and cleanliness of ConneXions.
  • Chad Colfack gave ConneXions top marks. He also praised the quality of the service and the reliability.
  • ConneXions’ customer Jeff Turley was also satisfied and rated the services highly. Turley was impressed by the driver’s skills, punctuality and efficiency.

ConneXions Offers Services and Features

  • Airport pickup depends on the customer’s time.
  • ConneXions offers personal shuttle services to individuals and groups.
  • You can also get pick-up and drop off services at the airport. Read more about the Connexions Utah Review.
  • Customers are provided with spacious, reliable, comfortable vans.
  • Customer privacy is protected. Customers can speak on the phone and make business calls, without having to reveal their identity.
  • Highly professional and highly experienced drivers are assigned to pick-up and drop off services.
  • ConneXions offers services that go beyond the features and services mentioned above.


ConneXions Transportation LLC received positive feedback from its customers. The users are happy and satisfied with the services offered by ConneXions Transportation LLC.

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