Minimalist product photos are found appealing by many customers for their clean, elegant, and aesthetic design. It’s great for the sellers as well, as you won’t have to include several elements in your photos and the focus is on your products.

Let’s see the most common type of minimal product photography used, and see which ones which work best for your products and brand.

Single Solid Color Backdrop 

Minimal Black&White Theme for Black/White Products

Aesthetically Dark Theme 

Minimal Neon Theme 

Minimal Duo Colors Theme 

Flat Lay Minimal Theme 

Product’s Color As The Backdrop 

Pastel Theme 

Sheet As Background 

Gradient Background Theme 

So, the idea is clear but it still seems like a great deal of investment, as well as professional photography skills? Good thing that there are several apps out there to do the job for you. You can try the photo editor app, Blend for this purpose. The app is built specifically for ecommerce products and have many minimal theme templates for your product photos.

You can get it on Google Play and App Store.