Do you want to know about the recent incident? If yes, then read the below article Dave Chappelle Tackle Chris Rock.

Do you want to know about the recent incident with a famous American stand-up comedian? You are not on the wrong page. Today in this article, we will be discussing that recent event only.

The stand-up comedian whom we will be discussing is David Chappelle. The full name of David is David Khari Webber Chappelle. He is famous in many parts of the world, including the United States and Canada. So, let’s begin with our article Dave Chappelle Tackle Chris Rock.

About the Incident
Last Tuesday, an act was organized by Netflix in which the famous American comedian David was performing. During their performance of David, suddenly, a man rushed onto the stage and tried to attack David, but the security stopped him, and he could not harm David. David did not get any injuries, but the attacker got a lot of injuries and was sent to the hospital.

After all these incidents happened, Chris Rock joined David on the stage and commented that Will Smith was. So, in this incident, three names got polarity among people Dave Chappelle Chris Rock Will Smith.

About Dave Chappelle
Dave is also known as David, and his official name is David Khari Webber – Chappelle. He is a very famous stand-up comedian (American). He is well famous for comedy series, whose name is Chappelle’s show. He was born on 24 August 1973.

Their parents of Dave were educated and were engaged in various activities. Dave also got Grammy Award recently.

Dave’s wife’s name is Elaine Mendoza Erfe. He got married in the year 2001. Dave also converted his religion to Islam. He also received a screen actor guild award.

Dave Chappelle Attacker – Why is it Trending
Dave Chappelle’s incident is trending because it happened last Tuesday night only, and famous comedian Chris Rock also commented on it. According to the investigation team, the attacker is 23-year-old, and his name is Isaiah Lee. During the attack, he got several injuries, and that’s why he was sent to the hospital. The reason for the attack by him has not been revealed yet.

According to the news, Lee was found with a replica gun, but the truth is that it looked like a gun but was a knife. For the fan followers of David Dave Chappelle Attack in La was a huge incident.

Dave is a very popular stand-up comedian, and this incident with Dave has affected a lot of his followers because it could have injured Dave seriously. The police investigation is going on, yet the police have not found any reason for the attack. The comment of Chris Rock has also become popular as it was sarcasm more than a comment.

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