Ders Ekranda has exclusive reviews that are not available elsewhere. This e-learning platform is for primary students.

Do you want to offer online lessons for students in Turkey primary grades? You would like to help your children learn mathematics. What if you could access training in literature on a website? You might also consider a website offering e-learning materials. provides learning solutions. Would you like to check the legitimacy of this website before you access it? Next, let’s look at Ders Ekranda.

About works on any device with a web browser. This includes Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. offers learning sessions for grades 1 through 4, with a particular focus on literature and mathematics. The website contains literature that provides basic knowledge for primary-grade students.

Additionally, the sessions on learning mathematics offer a foundation for primary students. Many.pdf files can be downloaded from this website and used for reference or studies.

Dersekranda reviews are available on the Internet. The app has more than 4/5 stars ratings.

Ders Ekranda has been registered in Turkey since 11 October 2019. It is 2 years, 11 months and 25 days old. The website was last updated 28 August 2022. This indicates that the business is still in operation. The website is set to expire in five days and one year from now.

Osbil Technology Ltd. is the owner of Osbil Technology Ltd. is the owner of However their identity and contact details have been hidden by internet censorship. Website did not provide information on its mission, terms, privacy policy, contact number or email, nor did it mention its mission.

The legitimacy and operation of is available on both the iOS and Google Play stores. Das received a poor 25 trust score, an 8.9% business ranking and a 7/100domain authority score. It also has a high 72% suspicion scoring and a terrible 1,962,501 Alexa listing. does not have a blacklist. It uses a secure HTTPS connection. Its IP address is The SSL certificate valid for the next 29 day has been issued.

Conclusion: looks suspicious. It did not contain important policies, owner identity or contact details, email address, phone number, customer service numbers, or any other information. @dersekranda has 1,629 Instagram followers. Because of its presence on Instagram and the number of users it has on Google and iOS, it could be legitimate. However, it is not recommended to novice internet users because of poor trust.

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