The conflict between Russia, Ukraine and other countries has been prominently covered in recent news media. This conflict has been ongoing for over 5 weeks and has now taken a new direction, which has once again scared the citizens of Ukraine.

Recent news reports have been widespread that Russia attacked Ukraine. This has created buzz in the United States and Canada countries.

Was Russia Ukraine Bomb It really happened? Let’s find out.

The latest:

Recent news about the Russia-Ukraine war has revealed that Russian military forces bombarded Kyiv on Wednesday, 31 March 2022, mostly on the outskirts. The bombing also took place in the nearby city of northern Ukraine. The attack was reduced just minutes before the brutal incident. We can confirm that the news has been confirmed by the media. Let’s find out more.

2022 Russia Ukraine

Since the Russian military failed in its attempt to capture major cities of Ukraine, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has been ongoing for approximately 5 weeks. According to top officials from ‘U.N Human Rights’, Moscow was the victim of a devastating bombing attack that decimated 50 schools and hospitals.

According to the sources, the Ukrainian military and government officials called the Russians out on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 (Tuesday), to end the conflict near Kyiv (capital of Ukraine), and the northern region Chernihiv in an effort to increase trust between the two countries.

Russia Ukraine Bombed – Learn more:

According to media, the sound of intensified bombardment was heard in the capital of Ukraine from the suburbs on March 30, 2022. The officials and military of Ukraine were again captured in that area. However, residents living nearby heard the bombing on Wednesday.

According to reports, the mayor claimed that they heard sirens throughout the night and saw rocket attacks and explosions. The battle in the outskirts of the capital was intense, and many people were killed by the 2022 Russia Ukraine bomb.

Reaction of other countries to

The conflict is worsening day by day and major countries such as the United Kingdom and India have condemned it. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is becoming more severe. All countries want peace on a worldwide basis.

Final Verdict:

So, Did Russia Ukraine bomb ? Yes, it was Wednesday. Check out our daily blogs to learn more about the matter. Do you have any questions? You can leave your question in the comments box.