New You are able to Occasions is really a famous newspaper with countless subscribers worldwide. Aside from updated news, subscribers will also be drawn to the crossword puzzles released daily around the newspaper and mobile application.

The newspaper releases different crossword puzzles daily, including Spelling Bee, Sudoku, Crossword, and Crossword Small. These puzzles are a good game to invest your free time and hone your mind and skills.

However, lots of people within the U . s . States, Australia, Canada, and also the Uk are trying to find the solution to the twelfth April Puzzle while using term Director Daniels Wordle. But, it’s nothing related to the Wordle Puzzle.

What’s Director Daniels within the Puzzle?

Director Daniels may be the crossword clue within the re-creation of NYT on twelfth April 2022. The newspaper is renowned for publishing the most recent news and happenings worldwide. It’s countless readers and subscribers worldwide.

In addition to the daily news, the newspaper can also be famous among your readers because of its unique and exciting crossword puzzle games. The newspaper releases crossword puzzles daily both on newspaper and mobile phone applications.

On Tuesday puzzle has a crossword clue, “Director Daniels,” and contains nothing related to the famous puzzle game, Wordle.

Can There Be Any Director Daniels Game?

There aren’t any such games as Director Daniels or Wordle Director Daniels. It’s really a clue utilized in the within the crossword game. The word is supplied because the crossword clue that will help find the solution to the puzzle.

The newspaper publishes riddles daily, and also the small crossword printed on twelfth April 2022 has the clue Director Daniels. Because the famous puzzle game Wordle is trending, people worldwide began trying to find the sport while using term Director Daniels without researching further online.

After evaluating, we found no such Director Daniels Game on the internet. It’s really a crossword clue for that crossword small.

Who’s Director Daniel?

Also referred to as Dan Kwan, he’s a famous director. He studied in Boston, and that he met there Daniel Scheinert. They are a movie-making duo. They are classified as Daniels and also have produced short films, movies, videos, etc.

They’re a really effective duo in the market. A few of their best product is Swiss army man (released in 2016) and everything everywhere all at one time, released in 2022.

Individuals are using only the word Director Daniels Wordle to look for the brand new puzzle. And also the answer for that’s “LEE”. Director Daniel trended like a keyword. The reason behind which has described within the article.


New You are able to Occasions regularly publishes daily riddle games for his or her readers and subscribers. On twelfth April, the newspaper printed a riddle having a clue, Director Daniels. It helped readers to obtain the three-letter answer, LEE.

But, Wordle fans mistakenly related the crossword clue using the game and began trying to find a solution to Director Daniels Wordle. But, it’s the NYT crossword clue that isn’t associated with the Wordle game.