Did you know that Shark Week’s 34th Season will be available for streaming on Discovery in July? Shark fans and viewers can look forward to more classic shark videos this season. Fans can watch the season on Discovery+ or Discovery Channel in just a few weeks.

According to sources, Shark Week will be streamable on Discovery+ and Discovery Channel around the 24th of July. Many viewers in the United States, and Canada would like to know When Start.

When will it start?

Shark Week will be held on Sunday, 24 July 2022. The event will run for at most a week and be aired on Discovery Channel until 31 July 2022. Discovery Channel will premiere the 34th Season.

The event will be telecast for one week. Larger sharks will also be featured. The best scientists and researchers will be streamed to viewers. This event was first broadcast on 17 July 1988. It has been a regular television event.

When does Shark Week start in 2022 What’s special?

Online sources claim that the event will take place on 24 July 2022 and viewers will enjoy many new features this year. It is unclear what specials will be offered, but it is known that there are impractical jokers involved.

Shark Week will provide many laughs and facts for viewers. These impractical jokers, who have spent decades trying to humiliate one another, are now willing to take the opportunity to improve their lives. The Shark Event will feature shark education content. This will be the first time comedians have taken on the Shark Event to bring joy.

Many are eager to find When does Shark Week start in 2022. These appearances will also be made by celebrities. The event will offer many entertainment options for viewers.

What’s Shark Week?

Shark Week is an annual TV program that runs for one week. It is broadcast for one week by Discovery Channel. It includes shark-based programming. It was first broadcast on 17 July 1988. The program is now hosted every year between July and August.

It focuses on conservation techniques and dispels myths about sharks. The program gained popularity and was a huge hit with viewers. Many are curious to find What Week Does Shark 2022 Week Start. The event will take place on 24th July and last one week until 31st August 2022. It will include many facts, laughter, and many celebrity shows.


Shark Week is almost here, and viewers around the world are eager to see when it starts. The event is held every year between July to early August and many viewers eagerly await it every year. Many viewers are confused in 2022 and want to find What Shark 2022 Week Will Be. It will begin on 24th July 2022 and last until 31st July 2022.

Are you able to stream the event each year? We would love to hear about your experiences.