Who is Don Lemon, anyway?

His real name is Donald Carlton Lemon. He’s a journalist on American TV. He was born at Baton Rouge in Louisiana. He was a host of a Saturday news broadcast on local television stations across Alabama, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Don Lemon and Stephanie Ortiz marriage Rumors and Results

Most rumours regarding the industry are false and are spread to ridicule people, but there are some cases when they are true. Don Lemon’s story is similar. The well-known actress was married to the TV star anchor. Rumours circulated claiming that the stars were secretly married, but the media refrained from confirming it. However, “Transparent” was published by the well-known anchor, which clarified his sexual views. It also stated that he was gender-neutral.

These rumors weren’t confirmed by Stephanie. This was classified as a gossip because there was no evidence that either of them were married. Stephanie Oritz’s disappearance via social media platforms did the rest. There was no evidence that the couple had been married. Don’s testimony he is gay can be accepted and we can conclude that he has never been a part in any relationship involving Stephanie Oritz.

About Stephanie Oritz

Rumours say that Stephanie Oritz is Don Lemon’s first wife. The beautiful actress is also a model. Her acting career is extensive and includes roles in several movies and short films. Her films were hugely popular and appreciated by the general public. She also received very positive reviews, which helped her modeling and acting career. She has been in the industry for 39 years, and she will turn 40 on July 17, 1982.

Instagram is another platform that the star uses to share her personal life and updates with her followers. She has 3.d followers. If you do a search online for her name, you won’t find much information. Visit her official website to learn more about her. Here she shared information about her life. According to current news, the actress has a brother.

They had children together.

Lemon and Ortiz did not have children together. Don has a gay partner Tim, who was romantically involved with the CNN anchor.

Lemon is determined to start a family (by adopting children) with Tim.

Is Don Lemon Gay

Yes, the famed journalist has made it clear that he is gay. He revealed his homosexuality in Transparent (2011). It has been made public. Lemon shared his story of being molested over many years by a teenage neighbour in his first book.

Lemon stated that he had known since childhood that he was homosexual. He had to wait for his mom to accept him as gay, and he did so after thirty years. Although she initially refused to accept him as his gender, she later joined the conversation.

Current Relationship

Lemon is currently in a relationship with Malone, who is 18 years older than him. The couple, who are gay, began dating in 2017 before getting engaged in 2019.

CNN reports that they shared a kiss in live broadcast during New Year’s Eve 2017 and made their relationship public.

The big news was announced by the two boyfriends on social media. Lemon had intended to marry Malone, Malone’s boyfriend, before COVID. The ceremony has been canceled.

Malone was a journalist before he graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s in history and journalism. He became a New York-based real estate agent in 2018 after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Boston College.

Lemon spoke out on Tamron Hall Show, April 2021. He expressed his desire for children. The couple isn’t sure if they want a surrogate or adopt child.