Many people find that their posture improves as they age, particularly after menopause. However, the abdomen and waist are more likely to become fat. You don’t have to worry about it, eating lots of vegetables can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. How to lose weight by eating more vegetables and what to do to achieve our goal.

The body’s long-term “debt”

Brigitte Lin, a 67-year old actress, was once the head of “Jade Girl”. She has been an idol to many movie lovers, and is still “undefeated” in the East. She rarely appeared in public. She was often out of shape in recent years. Her weight rose to 68 kgs at the end of last years.

Brigitte Lin was encouraged by her family to lose weight. She dropped from 56 kg to 56 in six months. She was seen by netizens in a painting exhibit a few days ago. Frozen looked amazing in her full-skirted suit. Netizens exclaimed, “The years are not defeated beauty.”

Brigitte Lin proved that even a mature person can lose weight after being blessed. Let’s start by understanding why weight loss is so difficult as we age.

Specialists in weight loss diets pointed out six reasons why mature people are blessed.

1. Low metabolic enzyme activity: As we age, our metabolic efficiency decreases.

2. Metabolism also depends on muscle mass. A high level of muscle mass means a high basal metabolism rate. However, muscle mass can easily be lost as we age.

3. Reduced estrogen: Women’s estrogen levels decrease after menopause. This makes it easier to gain fat and cause abdominal obesity.

4. Different intestinal bacteria can affect weight. Different intestinal bacteria can exist in different people. However, they are not regulated and tend to become fatter as they age.

5. Toxin accumulation in the body: Fat cells store organic compound toxic substances, and many toxins hinder fat metabolism. As we age, our bodies will become more toxic if our metabolic function declines.

6. A long-term deficiency in nutrients: After decades of poor eating habits, the “nutrition debt” will continue to grow. A low intake of nutrients over many years will affect not only the body’s detoxification abilities but also the enzyme activity.

People with poor eating habits might eat more processed food. Food processing can lead to the loss of nutrients and the addition of additives that increase the body’s metabolic burden.

Increase your intake of food You’ll lose weight if you eat a variety of vegetables

Metabolic factors are the main reason that mature people feel well. While age can’t be controlled, there are things we can do to improve metabolism.

“Multiple nutrients will increase metabolism.” You need to eat lots of different vegetables in order to improve metabolism. A greater amount of vegetables than total starch or protein is better. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Fresh, unprocessed ingredients are better

It is important to ensure the quality of ingredients. You should choose fresh, original foods over low-quality processed foods. These foods are better for your body’s detox function, so eat more of them.

Every day, eat 8-10 types of vegetables

The more variety of colors and types of vegetables you eat, the more nutrients you can ingest. You should eat 8-10 types of vegetables per day. At least 5 varieties of vegetables are recommended for a meal. 8 kinds of vegetables is the best.

You can choose from leafy vegetables, melons (such large cucumbers, small cucumbers, winter melon), mushrooms and bean sprouts.

It’s easy to eat many different vegetables. Cooks who are independent can cook with two to three types of vegetables. A meal can be made if there are two to three dishes. You can order outside meals with more variety of ingredients.

Each meal should contain 1.5-2 bowls of vegetables

Emma Johnson, who has helped many people lose weight, said that she would request to eat more vegetables. “More than half the dinner plate.”

She suggested that you have half a bowl each of starch and half of protein. If you feel hungry, you can reduce the amount of starch to one-third of the bowl. For lunch and dinner, eat 1.5 to 2 bowls of vegetable soup. Three balanced breakfasts is sufficient.

Corn and pumpkin are starchy vegetables, not vegetables. These foods can make you feel hungry. You don’t have to eat corn if you do not want to.

Weight loss requires that you eat enough calories and protein. Otherwise, it can easily lead to muscle loss. Emma Johnson noted that many people, even young ones, have very little calories at every meal. This can lead to sarcopenia, which is a lack of weight loss. The average protein intake per meal is approximately one palm.

To protect your intestines, less sugar and less oil

Bad bacteria can be caused by sweets and fried foods. However, good bacteria can be grown from fruits and vegetables. The intestinal flora of those who eat more desserts and fried foods will change if they eat less fruits and vegetables.

Many people enjoy hot pot and the above eating pattern works well with it. Hot pot can be thought of as a way to gain weight. There are some tips that can make people happy and enjoy food without worrying about getting fat. For example, reduce the amount of soup with meat in it; eat less processed food such as hot pot items. Deep-fried noodles or water-absorbing noodles such as winter noodles and instant noodles.

Seniors should be aware of their salt intake. Reducing salt helps to prevent edema, and keeps blood pressure stable.

This diet isn’t difficult but requires self-discipline. Lin has shown great example. Lin revealed in a Taiwanese media interview that she used to love peanut butter, pasta, and midnight snacks. She cut out sweets, midnight snacks, sweets, and snacks to lose weight.

Brigitte Lin also lost weight by exercising regularly. She used to play billiards and climb mountains. She also did Pilates for an hour every day.

Emma Johnson advised that you exercise as much as you like, but not make it stressful. To be able to sustain themselves, exercise should leave you feeling relaxed and relieved. It is important to remember that exercise will not make you eat more calories than you burned.