This article will provide information about Eliza Fletcher’s current condition and Eliza Fletcher Autopsy report. It also explains the mystery surrounding her death.

Was Eliza Fletcher’s body found? What is the autopsy report on Eliza Fletcher’s body? The police catch Eliza Fletcher’s criminal after she reports that Eliza was kidnapped. They found DNA in her sandals.

Although the United StateAuthority said that they were still conducting research, they recently reported that a body found in Memphis was rotting in a house vacant. Many details were clarified by the investigation. This article will provide more information about Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Report and her mysterious death.

Current Status

The police of Memphis discovered a bag with blue shorts in the search for Eliza Features’ body. A dead body was also discovered to be rotten and emitting an unpleasant stench.

The autopsy report revealed that the body belonged to Eliza Abston, who was kidnapped by the Abston. The autopsy report does not contain any additional information. The authorities said that they will provide more information when the correct information is found. Continue reading to find out more information about Eliza’s murder.

Eliza Fletcher Funeral Service

Eliza Fletcher’s family announced that a funeral would be held at Second Presbyterian Church at 10:00 AM on Saturday. They shared condolences and their love for Eliza Fletcher. Her family requested that her funeral be sent to the Lisa Wellford Fletcher Memorial Fund at Saint Mary School, Christ Methodist School and Second Presbyterian Church.

Richard James Fletcher III, her husband, and her two sons Richard James Fletcher IV and Harry Wellford Fletcher will attend her funeral, along with Eliza, Adele Orgill, and James Beasley.

Cause Of Death Eliza Fletcher

Abston, a serial killer, attempted to kidnap Eliza after she had returned from prison. She was running close to Memphis University when Abston attempted to kidnap her. Abston forced her to get into the SUV, but the Clash did not leave any evidence at the crime scene.

Eliza was taken away by the kidnapper, but no trace of her body was found. The local police found Eliza’s shorts and a garbage bag in her possession. A rotting smell was also detected near the house in which Eliza’s body was found.

Eliza Fletcher Autopsy report is currently under police protection. Although they did not include all the details about her death, they confirmed that the body found next to the vacant house belonged to Eliza. The authority is still working on more information.


Eliza’s body was discovered near the vacant home. The body was taken to the autopsy, where it was confirmed. However, police do not reveal any further information.

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