Your home is your sanctuary, and just walking in the door should give you an instant sense of calm. Your home’s aesthetic features can have a huge impact on how it makes you feel. Even if you’ve taken care to fill your homes with things that inspire warmth and happiness, your home may emit the type of energy that you want your decor to create. Putting some thought into lighting concepts can dramatically improve your home’s spatial energy and visual appeal. Here are some ideas about how you can modify your home’s lighting to enhance positive vibes

Start in the Kitchen

Families often consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home. It’s a place where your day gets going. It’s also the part of your home where you fuel your body with caloric energy and take pleasure in what you prepare for yourself. Your kitchen itself should be a nourishing environment. Improving the quality of light in this area of your home is a good starting point for lighting design projects. The right level and warmth of lumens in overhead lighting can make your kitchen more functional and make it feel more welcoming.

Install Doors That Optimize Lighting

Letting in natural light is a fantastic way to make the inside of your home feel more radiant. If you’ve got pets in your house, you know that sunspots are a highly enjoyable feature for four-legged homebodies. A home that’s bright and sunny puts the richness of your interior colors on full display. Installing interior glass doors allows for the maximum distribution of natural light in your home. You can choose frosted partitions for the glass part so doors will still offer privacy while also making your surroundings feel more open.

Replace Window Coverings

Instead of curtains that obscure too much daylight, choose high-quality blinds that are made of a thick and durable material. They’re a better window covering because they won’t trap odors in the same way that fabric will. However, they will collect a fair amount of dust. That accumulation of dinge that can quickly line both vertical and horizontal lines is particularly prominent on those sunny days that you want your window coverings to enhance. You’ll need to give your blinds a once-over with a damp cloth every week or so. 

To clean blinds, you don’t need to bother with those funny-shaped blind cleaning tools. Simply close your blinds completely and then wipe them down starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom. Then turn the dial all the way around to close them facing the opposite direction and get the other side. 

If you install custom blinds, be aware that cords are a serious safety hazard for young children and pets who can get caught in them. It’s best to use wands instead of cords, but you should also consider trying a remote-control option. Many window covering controls can integrate with other home automation schedules, so you can set you blinds to open and close in sync with the sunlight

Switch to LED Bulbs

Going green with LED bulbs won’t necessitate swapping out every lighting fixture in your home. There may be one or two halogen exceptions in kitchens occasionally, but most every fixture can accommodate LED bulbs. They last longer and use less energy, so you’ll probably see a difference in your energy bill after you’ve made sure that there aren’t any incandescent bulbs anywhere in the house. Moreover, LEDs are cooler and brighter than most other types of lumination. 

If you’re worried that some LED lighting you’ve seen is too vivid or intense, look for lower wattage. Be aware that switching to LED bulbs may require switching out dimmers.

Good lighting can help with being productive, relaxing, and just about anything you want to do at home. Being attentive to lighting design is an easy way to raise the positive energy in your homelife.