Ghosting is the act of neglecting someone’s messages or calls suddenly without a prior note. It is when someone totally disappears from your life and no cause is given to you, you are left wondering in the dark. This phenomenon is increased due to the excessive use of social media apps and adult dating sites because most relationships happen virtually on the internet now, but it is also used in our life when you are in a relationship with a casual partner, and they suddenly disappear from your life, no messages or calls to explain why.

A casual relationship doesn’t mean suddenly disappearing

Although it’s a no-commitment relationship, the sudden disappearance of someone makes it difficult to accept. Ghosting on online adult dating sites is very easy because the online relationship could end at one click only, and the ghosted person couldn’t find a way to connect anymore. Ghosting has negative aspects on ghosted psychological health.

This state of suspicious and incomprehensible silence is really worrying. The ghosted person remains anxious about what happened, and then the self-blame situation begins. Unexplained absence makes people doubt that they have acted incorrectly, which led to this sudden absence. They also begin to think about imaginary scenarios that something terrible has happened and the person is gone for a serious reason, but as soon as they realize that they have been ghosted, the feeling turns into a state of self-doubt that they are not enough. Many people have lost confidence in themselves and lost faith in others for this reason. They have anxiety and fear looking for a new hookup, whether online, using adult dating sites, or in real life.

The two types of ghosting

There are two types of ghosting in online adult dating. The first happens when you stop contacting someone online even before you meet for a night out, which means you have developed a conversation with someone, and things were going towards arranging a meeting, or you might have already arranged a meeting, then you decide to walk away with no explanation.

The other occurs after you meet someone for a one-night stand, and it develops into a no-commitment relationship, so you start meeting each other more often for some action every once in a while, but you suddenly disappear without reason.

Handling ghosting in hookup websites

When starting any casual relationship, especially on adult dating sites, always be prepared for ghosting. Accepting reality is essential for getting through this situation and not getting psychologically worse. Always remember that there is plenty of fish in the sea. Try to complete your life with total conviction that the person who walked away from you is the loser. However, if you feel that you will be ghosted, try to send this message or similar ones: Hi, are you okay? Anything bad is happening to you? I feel I will be ghosted. This message allows the other person to explain the matter. If they do not answer the message after a while, you are surely ghosted. Do not worry, as we stated before. There is plenty of fish in the sea.

Ghosting someone is a bad decision that you should never make. If you are using online adult dating sites, and you got yourself in a casual relationship with someone or chatted with someone, and things are going towards spending the night together, then you changed your mind for any reason. You should not disappear without any notification. Although people are there to find one-night stands and no-commitment relationships, after all, they are all humans, and sending a message to end everything is much better than just disappearing. Think about how you will feel if someone ghosted you and act accordingly.


To conclude, ghosting is a bad phenomenon that the ghosted that will surely suffer its effects, try not to ghost anyone at all. Ghosting increased after the rise of online adult dating sites even though it is used in online relationships and real-life relationships.

Try never to ghost someone, especially after you go through this article because you should now understand psychology’s dangerous and bad effects. I wish you never get ghosted too. Also, if the risk of being ghosted is one you don’t want to take, you can just use other websites to spend time on without having a real-life partner. Check out this article made by We Heart  to see the best OnlyFans accounts to follow.