A strong resume is generally your greatest asset. It has been considered that about 24% of hiring managers usually spend less than 30 seconds scanning a resume. As a result, the first impression gathered from your resume forms a more significant weightage in deciding whether you will get that job or your resume will straight land in the “no” pile. 

If you are interested in landing a new role in the finance industry and want to look for a finance resume example, then you are at the right place. But before getting started, it is essential to note that regardless of your given job title, your resume plays an essential role in helping you to land your desired role.

How do you write a job-winning resume to help you land your desired role in the financial industry?

  1. For your finance resume template, always go for the best format- 

The finance industry is an umbrella term that typically covers various specializations. This sector has a very low unemployment rate, and thus you will gradually experience a fiercely competitive environment. Due to its high rise in demand, recruiters usually don’t have much time to invest in your resume. Therefore, to get your recruiters invested in your resume, it is essential to follow specific formatting rules to help your resume stand out among others.

  • Always check for the resume contact information and keep it up to date.
  • In addition, optimize your LinkedIn profile to share as much information about your interests and professional experiences in finance sectors as possible.
  • The go-to resume style for finance resumes is the chronological layout.
  • Always opt for a resume font that is easy to read and appears professional to maintain a clean resume template.
  • Save your resume layout in a PDF format to make it appear professionally formatted spreadsheets.
  1. Don’t forget to write an objective or a summary for your finance resume- 

A perfect finance resume example always contains a career objective at the beginning of the overview. This introductory summary section is essential to help you to land a role in the finance industry. Therefore, always try to make your introduction through a summary or career objective. This short and sweet paragraph will help your recruiters quickly understand you and make your resume appear professional.

  1. Add a finance resume job description to your resume- 

To land the dream finance job, you must make your resume experience section more appealing. For this, always start from your current position and eventually return to your previous roles. Make each entry clear and precise, and always use your quantifiable achievements to impress your recruiters.

  1. Don’t forget to make your education section shine in your finance resume- 

In finance, education is essential; thus, you cannot skim over this part in your summary. And if you happen to be a fresher, then you must place your education section above your required work experiences. The best way to start your resume with zero experience is by focusing on your strengths.

  1. Do highlight your required financial skills-

For any given occupation, your skill sets usually form the cornerstone. For example, analytical skills are as necessary as people skills for economic occupation. Therefore, always highlight your required job skills, whether soft skills, technical skills, or complex skills. 

  1. Always add some extra sections to your finance resume- 

    With just some additional beneficial sections to your finance resume, you can make your recruiters believe you are that one particular employee they need. 

Start by adding a language skill section that will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. Then, in your resume, do include:

  • Your awards and achievements.
  • Volunteering work.
  • Projects along with your interests and hobbies relevant to the finance sector.

At last, don’t forget to add your certifications, too, as they are essential to landing a job in the finance industry.


To land a role in the finance industry, you must prove to your recruiters that you have the right experience, knowledge, and qualifications. For this, you need to have an exclusively perfect yet appealing finance resume. Usually, a given finance resume example typically involves the tips mentioned above to make it stand out among the competitors. Therefore, while creating your finance resume, include the points mentioned above to land straight on the job.