Have you ever Googled? What is my IP address? Or did you ever need one for a task but failed to locate it? IP addresses are unique strings of numerics that identify each device over the internet. You will seldom need to know your IP, but if the need arises, you can go through this guide.

Additionally, the IP address lookup tool is a website-based tool that will aid in finding the IP address of any device. The best aspect of the tool is that it is easy to use and simple software. It is provided by third-party sites and has various geo-location databases.

Are you interested to know more about this amazing tool? Then keep reading.

IP Address Lookup

IP address or the internet protocol address is like the identity of every device connected to the internet. The IP location finder helps track the location of that device and the device’s users.

Every day there are millions of ‘What’s my IP address?’ searches on google.

Luckily, the IP address lookup tool will solve all your IP-related worries in a second. An IP address is not static, nor do you own yours. For example, if you’re at home, you’ll have a different IP address than at the library or school.

Different Wi-Fi connections have separate IP addresses; hence it is essential to know the network you are currently connected to for security reasons. Mentioned below is a step-by-step guide to the IP address lookup tool.

How to Use the IP Address Lookup Tool

The IP address lookup tool is free online software to help track your IP address. It is a web-based tool that provides unlimited free IP address searches. Additionally, you can also track the physical location of the IP user.

When you open the tool, it will show the default IP address of your device. However, you can manually enter the IP addresses to search them. Here’s how you can use the software on your device:

  • Open the https://iplocation.io website using your web browser.
  • The tool will show your device’s IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by default.
  • To do a new search, enter the IP address, domain name, or IPv6 in the search box.
  • Press the ‘Lookup’ button to generate results
  • Using its global servers, the tool will instantly track the geographical location, city name, and longitude and latitude data.
  • You can also view the ISP name and the organizational identity of the network provider for that IP address.
  • The tool has various databases to display the results. Therefore, you’ll see more than one search result.
  • Some results will also display the IP address’s proxy or ASN and spam results.

Benefits of Using the IP Address Lookup Tool

The IP address lookup tool is reliable and fast. Users can easily use it on their phones or laptops. It will help you track the IP address of any device across the globe. Here are a few benefits of choosing the IP Address lookup tool:

1.   Free Software

Tracking IP addresses has become common in today’s digital world. Many online apps can track the IPs, but most are paid. The free ones don’t provide authentic and detailed results.

Using the IP Address Lookup, you can rest assured that the results will be correct, and you can do endless searches.

2. Authentic Results

The IP address lookup provides authentic results. Though the locations are not pinpointed, you can still have a pretty adequate idea of the IP position by looking at the search result.

3. Compatible

Many online tools are only compatible with certain devices. For example, most mobile apps don’t work on laptops and vice versa. But, with the IP address lookup tool, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

You can use it on your PC, laptop, and smartphone without worries. Just launch the IP location website and get started.

4. Reliable

IP addresses are personal and confidential information. For example, my IP address is only trackable by the connected devices. But, if you use compromised apps to track the address, it can sometimes store the IP information.

The IP address lookup tool is a 100% reliable and safe tool. You don’t have to worry about leaked data or compromised identity.

5. Easy to use

The ease of use a tool provides makes or breaks its reputation. Similar is the case here. Hence, luckily, the IP address lookup tool and straightforward software. Just open the tool, and you can get started right away.


Every device has a private and public IP address. A public IP is used to connect all the devices over the internet. On the other hand, a private IP is limited to your private connection. Finding an IP address is not a complex task. Just type ‘what is my IP’ on Google and press search. Or you can use the IP address lookup tool to search for different IPs.