From April to September 2015, an anime adaptation of JCStaff aired to air a second season called Food Wars! From July to September 2016, the second season. The 3rd season began with Food Wars! The third season aired between October and December 2017. The second part aired between April and June 2018. Food Wars was the name of the fourth season. The fourth season airs from October 2019 through December 2019. Food Wars! Fifth season! Food Wars! Fiveth Plate aired between April and September 2020. Now, many Food Wars fans wonder when the sixth season of Food Wars will air.

Although we’d love to see Food Wars back, it seems unlikely that they will return for the Season 6 finale. However, we cannot be certain until we receive reliable information.

After the season 4 finale, Food Wars season 5 was renewed. However, season 5 is also the final season.

Season 5 (Shokugeki not Soma, The Fifth Plate), concluded on September 25, 2020. Fans were left feeling sad.

But they should not lose hope. OVA’s Prequel series, or even a movie, offer options for the show’s revival.

We already have five OVA episodes. Two episodes are from 2016, and two in 2017. The final episode will be in 2018.

There is currently no information about OVA’s or film productions for the cult series. But who is?

Stay informed about the latest news.

How many episodes will there be in the next season of Food Wars?

If the Showrunner decides to produce the next Food Wars season, it will likely contain more than 13 episodes. The previous seasons also had 13 episodes. The next season should have at least 13 episodes.

Food Wars Season 6 Trailer

Right now, there are no trailers available for season 6.


Soma Yukihira, a teenage chef, wants to succeed his father Joichiro. Joichiromust welcome Soma into his Totsuki Culinary Institute. It is an elite culinary institution where students compete in culinary contests called Shokugeki.

Despite opposition from Erina Nakiri (the talented daughter of dean) he gets a spot in the school. Soma travels to the Polaris Dorm, where he meets up with other hopeful chefs such as Megumi Tsokoro. This is his story as he interacts with fellow students and takes on Totsuki’s students and other Shokugeki competitors. He has learned many lessons.

Soma, along with the other freshmen, participate in an annual culinary camp, which is supervised by school alumni. They make up approximately three-quarters to four of the dropouts. Soma participates in the Fall Classic competition, which sees the 60 best freshmen divided into eight students who compete in an elimination tournament called Fall Picks.

In addition to a week-long internship with local restaurants, freshmen are also invited to participate in a massive all-school Moon Festival. At the Festival of the Moon Erina is taken over by Azami, the school’s administrator. Soma, Erina start a rebellion against the establishment. Joichiro (Gin) and Erina, members of the Council, join the rebel group to confront Azami’s Central organization within the Cousin Regiment.

Soma, along with the rest of the members, begin the second year. Many Fall Classic members were elevated to the council as they replaced third-year graduate. Their first job was their involvement in “dark chef”, which is a group of people who work in criminal organisations and other VIPs. Joichiro Asayahi, a former protege from Saiba, runs Les Cuisiniers Noirs.

Asahi takes Totsuki into her Academy and kidnaps Erina with the intention of getting married. The three-member trio comprising Takumi Takumi Megumi, Soma and Megumi participate in the BLUE competition of cooking organized by World Gourmet Organization. Mana Nakiri is the mother of Erina. Soma beats Asahi in the battle of Dark Chefs. The manga concludes with Soma versus Erina fighting one another in the final round.

After an incident in BLUE, Soma was forced to take an unannounced absence from her third-year of exams. Hisako and Erina ask Joichiro questions about Tamako’s relationship. Mana, Azami and Asahi learn that Asahi is Azami’s biological son and Erina’s half-brother. The Nakiri family is the first to request that he become a member of his family. A few years later after all Jewel Generation students had graduated from Totsuki in their respective classes, Soma informs Erina of his return and offers Erina a chance to be a part of his family. She happily accepts the offer with the hope that it would help Erina declare “delicious”.

What is Shokugeki no Soma’s name?

Episode List

  • 1 First Season. 1.1 Starting arc in Totsuki. 1.2 Training Camp Arc.
  • 2 Second season. 2.1 Autumn Election Arc.
  • 3rd Season. 3.1 Part I. 4 Season Four. 4.1 Arc of Promotion Examinations.
  • 5 Fifth Season. 5.1 Arch of the Beach Examination.