Pie irons are essential assets, especially when you are out camping with your family or friends. You can use pie irons to make sandwiches and pies within a short period. Are you interested in camping but don’t know what to carry or leave behind? Camping is a great outdoor activity, and it can take up most of your time; however, you must remember that you have to eat something while out there. This is where camping cooking equipment like pie irons comes in handy. These cooking gear can help you make warm foods in fifteen minutes, which is a pretty short time, right? With the functionality of equipment comes the maintenance part of it. You have to take good care of the cooking equipment you use if you want them to be durable and always helpful. Taking care of pie irons shouldn’t be something that worries you; this article will give you some tips to help you properly maintain your cooking gear.

Care Before Use

Before you use your pie iron, there are some maintenance hacks that you ought to pay attention to. First, you should clean your pie iron to eliminate all the dust or dirt that may have accumulated on the pan. You ought to cook your dishes on a clean surface. Get yourself a pre-seasoned pie iron to avoid seasoning it every time before and after use. A seasoned pie iron is less likely to rust than one that is not fortified.

Care After Use

Once you are done making a sandwich or pie on your pie iron, soak it in hot water for about five to ten minutes, wash it, then dry it thoroughly. Baking soda comes to the rescue if there are any stains on the pie iron. Stains left on your camping cooking gear can quickly come off with the use of baking soda. Once you wash and dry off the pie iron, store it in a clean place.

Proper Use

Most individuals don’t realize it, but the proper use of equipment contributes significantly to its proper maintenance. To ensure you correctly use your pie iron, you must follow the mentioned care before and after service. Apart from that, while using the pie iron, grease the pans a bit, add starch, and fillings, then starch again for the best meal outcome. Clasp the irons shut, then flatly place the pie iron over a bed of hot coals to cook well and evenly.

Additional Helpful Information

Cast iron pie irons are the best ones to get while camping since they are easy to dismantle, so it will be much easier for you to carry them in your camping backpacks. You can also use the pie irons to make quesadillas and cook meat, not just pies and sandwiches. Wiping your pie irons with a serviette can help eliminate grease on most parts of the pan before thoroughly cleaning.


Remember that however durable camping cooking gear like pie irons are, they still need care and attention. Enjoy yourself while camping and use your cooking equipment accordingly for the best meal outcomes.