Universe Dark Matter Fox is easily the most spoken-about mythical pet that arrived your pet Simulator X game and ways you can get it.

Would you play a dog simulator game? Do you have the Universe fox? As pet simulator X included major updates, individuals are curious to understand more about them. There are plenty of recent pets, from mythical to legendary rarity.

Players Are excited using the updates, also it signifies positive news for that developer. Today within this publish, we’ll read Universe Dark Matter Fox and explore everything.

What’s Pet Simulator X, and just how do you use it?

Roblox regularly releases new games in a number of genres, and something such game is Pet Simulator X. To start the sport, you have to acquire little, beautiful pets like a dog or perhaps a cat, and because the game progresses, you’ll be able to collect a lot of pets.

The consumer can buy eggs, which transform into charming pets but can often be harmful. A number of them are tough to acquire even though you possess a full wallet, but with a couple methods might help. That’s the reason we’re here studying Universe Dark Matter Fox and ways you can get it.

About Universe Fox:

Legendary Universe Fox is among the most mighty pets players can buy within the Pet simulator game. It’s having a rarity Mythical pet that’s accessible from planet Egg. While the likelihood of hatching the egg are Base chance: ~.00044%, with boosts, is ~.011%.

The Universe Fox pets are regular, golden, and dark matter, and the amount of each are:

Regular: ~14.3b – 15.7b, Golden: ~43b – 47b, rainbow: ~100b – 110b, Dark matter ~285b – 314b.

How you can obtain Universe Dark Matter Fox?

There’s two methods for you to obtain your Universe fox the very first time. While among the methods is slightly cheaper, we’ll discuss each of them.

Purchasing from the merchant:

It’s the ultimate way to acquire a Mythical Universe Fox in Pet Simulator X. Whenever the mystery merchant breeds, attempt to purchase as numerous pets as you possibly can from their store. However, each pet costs countless diamonds for you personally. You are able to jump to various servers, go to the merchant and purchase again. That way, you can buy the whole Universe Dark Matter Fox.

One other way:

The following technique is more costly and time-consuming because it requires hatching Alien Eggs. Hatching alien eggs will definitely cost around 172m Tech in-game currency. However, the hatching rate from all of these eggs is extremely low, even with the aid of boosts. There are more pets too within the Alien Egg. They are Bleebo the alien, Meeboo the alien, Nine Eyed Lion, and Meebo in spaceship, rare one.


We’ve discussed both ways to get the Universe Fox within the pet simulator. Hopefully you discover our guide on Universe Dark Matter Fox useful. You may also find out about Universe Fox pet here:

Have you got enough diamonds to obtain these pets? Please comment within the section below for Universe Fox pet-related questions.