The NFL season is officially underway. Although it’s only a few weeks old, there have been some great games. The Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs are now in control! This season already looks like it will be one of our best in a long while, so make sure you catch all the action!

Geo-blocking restrictions can be a problem if you are traveling overseas or live outside the United States. Many football fans around the globe are frustrated by these restrictions, as they can’t see their favorite teams in action. There is a simple way to view the NFL online from any location. The trick is in a cybersecurity tool.

Install a simple cybersecurity application on your phone that will change the location of your device. Scroll down to learn more about geo-blocking.

What is Geoblocking?

You’ll get an error message saying that the NFL is unavailable in your area if you attempt to view it outside of the United States. This is called geo-blocking and is something internet users are familiar with. It’s especially common if you use YouTube and Netflix to stream live sports online.

Geo-blocking is a problem. The NFL is an American game, so broadcasting companies like ESPN and NBC need to pay millions of dollars to secure broadcasting rights to broadcast and stream NFL games to customers. The broadcasting rights are not granted without strict guidelines that media companies must follow. These companies can’t stream NFL games outside the United States.

How does a website find out where I am accessing it? Your IP address is a string of numbers that uniquely identifies your computer on the internet. The main function of an IP address is to locate you and provide websites with this information. Websites can use your location to target advertisements based upon businesses close by you.

In theory, you could alter your IP address to spoof your device’s location, and gain access content normally blocked in your area. Although it sounds difficult, it is actually quite simple.

What’s a VPN?

You will need a virtual private net, but it is better known as a VPN. VPNs are cybersecurity tools that are first and foremost meant to protect your devices and keep them private.

Encrypting internet connection is how this works. Your connection is encrypted so that no one can see your activities on your device, not even your internet provider or the government. A VPN is the best choice if you want privacy and security.

VPNs also have an additional feature that is crucial for watching the NFL outside the United States. VPNs enable you to connect to servers located in other countries and cities around the globe. During this phase your device’s IP address is hidden and it will accept the server’s IP address in its place.

If your device is located in Germany, it can be connected to a VPN server in Miami. The online portal will be tricked into thinking that your device is in Miami. You can now connect to your preferred streaming service and view the Dolphins game.

How to Choose a VPN

It’s crucial to remember that not every VPN is created equal. It is important to choose the right VPN for you.

If you want to stream the NFL online, your VPN should have a stable and strong connection. It also needs to offer a variety of US servers. This will enable you to connect to any game in the US, and will provide a strong connection that will allow you to stream.

You must make sure you choose a premium VPN. Although it might seem tempting to use a free VPN for watching the NFL, you will regret it. Many disadvantages of free VPNs include slow connection speeds, additional ads, daily data limits and fewer global options. These issues will impact your streaming experience on game days.