Hair loss can be traumatic if it happens unexpectedly, especially in men when it begins to occur in their 20s or 30s. A hair transplant allows you to grow new hair where you have lost it and gives you the look you want, so you don’t have to hide behind hats or deal with embarrassing situations in social settings anymore. 

Suppose you’re considering getting a transplant from a top hair transplant surgeon in the UK. In that case, this guide will help you choose the best option for your needs and ensure that your experience, from consultation to follow-up visits, goes smoothly and gives you great results.

What’s a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves removing healthy hair follicles from one part of your body and then implanting them in thinning or balding areas. Occasionally, top hair transplant surgeons in the UK use hairs taken from your scalp to fill out thin areas on your head. 

In rare cases, they may take transplanted hair follicles from another part of your body with a thick hair coat to transplant into areas where you need coverage, such as those caused by scarring.

Why have a Hair Transplant?

Many of us want to maintain our appearance as we age, but if your hairline is creeping up on your forehead or you’ve noticed patchy areas on your scalp, it may be time for a hair transplant.

After all, what’s more valuable than an investment that allows you to stay looking youthful? So take hair restoration service from top hair transplant surgeon UK

Pros & Cons of Hair Transplant

There are many benefits to having hair restoration surgery, and the success rate is very high. It can be expensive, but the investment may be worth it for your health and appearance. 

Sometimes surgery is not an option for patients due to personal reasons or the patient’s age. Surgery involves taking hair from other parts of your body and transplanting it to areas of thinning or balding on your head.

Who can get a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants are effective for individuals who suffer from hair loss, thinning or bald patches. People who do not have any hair can also benefit from this procedure to gain some coverage for the head. 

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular with men and women of all ages. The benefits of a hair transplant vary depending on what you’re looking to achieve, and your surgeon will advise you on which treatment best suits your needs.

Taking care of that, you need to do

Keep your scalp clean and dry by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner on the hair area. Don’t scratch your head or touch it too much because this will cause matting and itching. 

Avoid swimming pools, especially chlorinated ones, which can irritate skin conditions such as psoriasis. Get plenty of rest. Your new look is going to need all your energy!

hair transplant before & after

If you want thicker hair and fewer treatments, then an FUE hair transplant might be for you. A top surgeon offers consultations to assess your options and will be able to advise on what would work best for you. You will experience great results when you compare them with images of yourself hair transplant before & after.


Dr Manish Mittal and his team have been helping men and women of all ages get back the hair they lost due to various conditions such as male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, burns, or injury. 

For many years, they have used techniques such as micro-grafting, single follicular unit extraction (FUE), or scalp reductions to treat their patients and provide them with natural-looking results.