Many otaku have one question: Is Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 possible? Is it possible to produce the second installment of the anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend?” If so, we are looking into and anticipating the date of broadcast. The anime’s original Japanese name is Kanojo Mo Kanojo.

It is also a must-see item for manga fans, since it summarizes the animation 1st to 2nd periods of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” in the original manga.

Latest information about Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2

At this moment, There is no official announcement

Hiroyuki, the author of “Girlfriend and Girlfriend”, created the story. Serialization started in 2020. However, the original work is very popular . The animation was announced in 8 months, which was the fastest time in the history Weekly Shonen Magazine.

It is shocking to see that the synopsis begins with forbidden bifurcated relationships. Bifurcation is a common topic. It’s often revealed, and then it becomes muddy. But Kanojo mo girlfriend has admitted that all three of them are bifurcated dating.

The heroine is also cute and attractive for Weekly Shonen Magazine. Weekly Shonen Magazine has been publishing romantic comedy works like “The Quintessential Quintessential Bridal” and “She, I will borrow”.

This is the topic of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, but the eagerly awaited anime began broadcasting in July 2021! Many are curious if there’s a chance of making the second season.

Although there is no announcement yet about the production of the sequel, this article examines the possibility of making the second season.

What is the length of the first period of the anime? The second season of anime will begin where? We have collected the most recent information, so enjoy it until the end.

Is there a Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2?

The stock of the original manga is essential when evaluating the possibility of making the second season of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”. It will not be possible to make a sequel if the original manga is complete and can be drawn in the first animation period.

The latest manga from “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” is . It contains the 7 most recent volumes as of August 24, 2021 . The number of volumes in animated manga is very small since the serialization in Weekly Shonen Magazine only started in 2020.

It is anticipated that volumes 1 through 4 of the original manga will still be drawn during the first period. The remaining stock number in this case will be three volumes.

If the animation second term also stocks the number of original comics at the same rate was thought to be digestible, but you won’t have enough sentence Volume 1, “she and she” is published one after the other new book in the fast pace of two to three months am.

It seems you don’t have to worry about the fact that not enough stock is available to make the second period.

Next, we’ll check the sales figures for the original manga. The “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” series’ cumulative circulation has surpassed 900,000 as of June 2021.

The numbers of comics and books sold are not satisfactory. However, considering the publication date of the first volume is June 17, 2020 and that it has been almost a year since its release, it is quite impressive.

Some cases, like ”Β Tokyo Revengers”, have seen anime’s popularity explode at once. In these cases, sales of books have tripled.Β The sales of can be expected to increase by.

Next, we’ll explore the possibility to produce the second season anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” using discs like Blu-ray or DVD.

The average disc sales should be between 4,000 and 5,000. It is possible to make a sequel, it is said.

There are two disc types for “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, Bluray, DVD, and there are four volumes. The release of one of these volumes is set for October 6, 2021. However, disc sales are not known at this time.

Amazon has accepted reservations, and you can see the top-selling rankings. It was 462nd in Blu-ray animation and 576th for animation (DVD).

It is reasonable to rank it, considering that one disc will be released in less than a month.

Even with anime, disc sales have been slow lately. I cannot let my guard down. However, the discs for the romantic comedy “The Quintessential Quitessential Bride 2nd Term”, and “She, I’ll borrow” are all from the same Weekly Shonen Magazine. Despite the low sales, the sequel was announced.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, an anime that is sold only as a neostandard romantic comedy, is not likely to make any profit.

Video distribution can bring in big profits, other than disk sales. It is currently the peak of subscription. This means that even though disc sales aren’t strong, it is possible for an anime sequel to gain momentum if video distribution is popular.

There are two types of revenue from video distribution. “Revenue form exclusive distribution” or “Revenue based on the number of viewers”. However, there is no video distribution company that distributes exclusively “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”.

The profit will therefore be measured in terms of number of views. However, the popularity ranking of the video distribution company will help you see how popular it is.

was ranked 11th by U-NEXT, and 16th in the weekly rankings of d anime shops .

This ranking suggests that it will be decided whether to produce the second phase of animation by evaluating the sales of goods and discs, etc. It is not the case that the popularity of video distribution decides the production of the second period.

When would the broadcast date for the second season of “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, if it was produced? No matter how popular an anime may be, it is common for there to be a broadcast interval of at least one year from the previous work.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, although it is a romantic comedy of a new standard, isn’t as well-known as “Quintessential Quintessential Bridal” from the same romantic comedy series.

The first period of animation was broadcast from July to Sept 2020. The second period will broadcast in 2022. This refers to “She,I will borrow”, which seems to be very popular.

Although the broadcast date is not yet known, considering that “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, will follow a similar schedule, expect that the second season of anime will air in 2023.

What are the volumes of original manga in the first and second seasons? (From where to what?)

Let me conclude by stating how many volumes and whereabouts the original manga will appear in the first and second periods. The Blu-ray and DVD information shows that it contains 4 volumes. The 1st volume includes the first to third episodes.

There is a good chance that the first period in animation will have 12 episodes instead of just two. The 8th episode, “I love it no matter what you look at,” is the most recent episode of anime. It is equivalent to 23 episodes in the original manga volume.

Each episode of the anime is animated at 3 episodes per minute, so if you continue at this speed it’s highly likely that the first period will contain 36 episodes from the original manga.

The story follows Naoya Mukai, the main character, on a hot-spring trip with Saki Saki, Nagisa Minase and Shino Kiryu. Shino Kiryu is the fourth woman who loves Naoya. It’s not!

It’s an excellent break for the story, even if you take a look at the official website for “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, Saki Saki, Nagisa Minise, Rika Hishizaki (Mirika) and Shino Kiryu.

The animation’s second period will begin at the 5th manga volume. However, if the animation is done at the same speed as the first period, then the 5th manga volume to the 8th manga that has yet to be seen will be animated. It is likely that it will happen.

Summary: Girlfriend, girlfriend has a 60% chance to make a sequel for her second term

  • 60% of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 is possible
  • Broadcast date is anticipated to be in the 2023
  • Expect the second season to consist of 5 to 8 volumes from the original manga

This is the second season for the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend”, however, considering the disc’s sales forecast and the popularity video distribution, it will be produced. Although it is difficult to predict, it is a work that shows the strength of the production side. It has the distinction of being animated at the highest speed ever recorded in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Even though disc sales have skyrocketed in recent years, many discs are still produced up to the second period of animation. Also, sequels to romantic comedy works like “Quintessential Quintessential Bridal” and “She, I Will Borrow” are often produced. There is a 60% chance that the second production will be made, considering it has already been done.

“Girlfriend and Girlfriend” is notable for its individuality and depicts bifurcated relationships where love-hate drama can be often presented in a pop and humorous way. It seems like it’s an anime that both women and men will enjoy.