Are you someone who enjoys new challenges every day? Are you ready to take on new daily challenges? You will be challenged daily if you play wordle. What is wordle? You’ve probably played it. This game is extremely popular in the United Kingdom andthe United States. It’s also very popular in Canada, Australia, Australia, and the India.

If your answer is “no”, don’t be discouraged. Continue reading this article until the end. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the wordle, including the answer to the July 2022 wordle 388 question. This wordle looks similar to the Hight wordle . Continue reading the article until the end.

Wordle 388-answers and hints:

It’s common for people to make wrong guesses about the wordle game. However, this is nothing to be concerned about because if you look at it from another perspective, it may have different answers. The correct answer is NIGHT.

Below are some tips:

  • This word is used literally every day in daily life! !
  • This wordle does not contain repeated words.
  • This word is used to wish someone a restful night.

Although this wordle is simple to solve, it doesn’t mean that all problems are difficult. Hight Definition has some similarities to the word pronouncing. For example, night and height are both of the same frequency. Are you able to stick with it as well as others?

Information on wordle game-

This was a very popular game that provided daily puzzles. Sometimes, hints are added to help you understand the puzzle and find the solution. People have become obsessed with this game and are so eager to find the answer, it can sometimes lead them to spend hours searching for the answers. The answer was initially thought to be Hight Wordle. However, this was incorrect and we now know that the answer is similar to the word hight.


These rules will help you understand the wordle game.

  • It can be played every night in mid-night, but only once.
  • Five words must be guessed
  • We will provide clues
  • Only 6 of these attempts will be granted
  • After you type the word, the colour changes to green, yellow and grey. This makes it sortable.

This game is both challenging and fun, so don’t wait!

The Hight Wordle was difficult to solve.

This one is easy as the hints can be guessed. But instead of solving it, some people get stuck on it, which is not surprising as this happens quite often.


It was easy to answer wordle 388. People enjoy it every night. This article will provide all the information you need about wordle 388, as well as how to play it. Click here to view for more information.

Are you able to find the answer? Before you know the answer, comment below with your guesses about Hight Wordle.