Although most business owners have heard of IT help desk services and IT service desk services, many don’t know precisely how they differ from one another and which support option they should choose for their business.

While the terms sound similar, there are distinct differences between help desk and service desk service. They both come with their own benefits.

Knowing the difference between the two will help you determine which option is better for your business operations and needs.

Help Desk Solutions

An IT help desk is primarily used for tactical purposes and is good for resolving immediate incidents and technical issues. A help desk can be a separate operation or incorporated into a more extensive service desk. The goal of a help desk is to respond to customer feedback and find resolutions to customers’ problems as efficiently as possible.

Help desk support services have a single point of contact in IT support. They include issue management, issue resolution, service level agreements, incident tracking, and self-service options for the end user.

Service Desk Solutions

Although they also act as a single point of contact, IT service desks are broader and more comprehensive in their operations than help desks. Service desks meet overall business needs and are not only for issue resolution. A service desk not only manages service and incident requests; it can also manage user communication from the business’ Facebook page or website.

Typically, a service desk will have a help desk component built into it, and its purpose is to improve business efficiency and IT processes as a whole.

The primary difference between service desk and help desk solutions is that a service desk will integrate into the business’ other IT service management processes. A service desk will also manage service level management agreements, implement asset management protocols, and gather essential information from the problem management and configuration sectors.

Help Desk vs. Service Desk

The most apparent difference between help desk and service desk support solutions is that a help desk is geared toward resolving customer issues quickly. On the other hand, service desk solutions offer service delivery to end users as well as customers.

Because a help desk is usually an add-on to pre-existing IT actions, it can be seen as a subcategory of service desk capabilities.

Service desk systems support IT service delivery throughout the support lifecycle and are considered modern service support solutions. However, depending on your business’s IT needs, you may prioritize one support solution over another.

The advantages of choosing a help desk over a service desk differ from one organization to another; that’s why IT experts recommend opting for a tailored support service to suit your needs. That way, you can integrate a support service that is good for problem resolution and optimization within your organization.

The best way to implement a comprehensive IT support system is to use a service desk and embed help desk options within it. This will ensure that your support solution supports all ends of your business operations – from the customer to the end user.