Whether you are a small business owner or an executive at a large corporation, DeskFlex offers a powerful suite of software solutions that can help you streamline your workflows, track employee activity, and analyze business data. With features such as mobile access, flexible workspaces, and a custom programming service, DeskFlex can help your business grow faster and more efficiently.

Flexible office space

Using DeskFlex, you can manage your office space efficiently and reduce overhead expenses. You can reserve desks and other office amenities such as phone lines and parking. You can also set up special rates for special events. This helps increase employee productivity and reduces unnecessary expenses. You can also track room usage and equipment.

DeskFlex offers an easy-to-use tracking system that makes it easy for you to find, reserve, and track resources. It also provides analytics and reports that help you improve your office’s utilization. You can also schedule automatic equipment returns.

DeskFlex can help your business reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and increase the value of your office space. It allows you to set up collaborative workspaces and manage multiple campuses. The software is available for desktop, mobile, and kiosk reservations.

Custom programming service

Whether you need to rent a single meeting room or have thousands of employees using your office space, DeskFlex offers a custom programming service to fit your needs. It provides an efficient tracking system and helps you analyze how your workspace is used. This can help you improve the performance of your team.

DeskFlex also offers visitor management software. It allows you to manage your visitors’ schedules and booking of equipment. You can also set up alerts for errors made by visitors. You can even generate invoices and settle contracts. DeskFlex can be a valuable tool to help your school reopen.

Another feature that DeskFlex offers is hot desk booking. This helps businesses optimize their office space. It also allows them to track workspace usage to prevent conflicts. The software also generates reports to help business owners make the best space planning decisions.

Tracking system

Having a DeskFlex tracking system helps business owners and managers manage space and resources efficiently. It also helps organizations in saving on overhead costs. The tracking system provides detailed information on the status of the office’s equipment and workstations. It also provides reporting and analytics.

The DeskFlex system is also beneficial for healthcare facilities. It can help organizations maximize the use of their beds, suites, and other medical equipment. This helps the healthcare industry adapt to increasing patient loads. The system can also be used by federal government offices.

In addition, DeskFlex offers a hot disking feature that helps organizations organize their resources. Employees can reserve workspaces in just a few clicks. This helps avoid conflicts over workspace use. It also helps companies cut costs on real estate investments and office supplies.

Analytics reporting

Using the Analytics reporting for DeskFlex, you can get a clear idea of what’s happening in your office. It can help you determine the best time for meetings, special events, and other activities. It also provides you with ideas on how to optimize your office space. This is done through several options. You can opt for a subscription to get access to the analytics, or you can just use online support to view the available information.

The software offers an efficient reservation system, which allows users to make reservations for office equipment such as workstations, telephones, laptops, and parking. You can also set up automatic return dates for unused equipment. In addition, DeskFlex can be used for group booking management, as well as generating settlements and invoices.


Whether you are looking to book office space or manage your conference rooms, Deskflex can help you maximize your real estate investment. The software is customizable and user-friendly. Its MS Outlook integration makes scheduling meetings easier. It also helps reduce no-shows and automatically sends reminders to all participants.

Deskflex can be used by companies of all sizes and industries. It can help with the management of operation rooms, private rooms, and coworking spaces. It can help streamline office hoteling processes and maximize employee productivity. The software is free to use.

Deskflex also offers competitive rates and long-term solutions. It is available for a 30-day trial period. It is COVID-compliant and compatible with most operating systems. It also includes a local kiosk and web browser. It can integrate with biometric scanners and surveillance cameras.